White Flat Bottom Pouches with Zipper and Valve


We believe that box bottom pouches bring a new level of sophistication compared to traditional stand-up pouches. The flat bottom gusset provides a sturdy base for even the most challenging contents, reducing the likelihood of the pouch toppling over.

This pouch is made with durable food grade materials to ensure the contents are safe and secure, all thanks to our excellent barrier levels for oxygen, aroma and moisture. After filling and heat sealing before transport, the pouch can be easily opened by the consumer using the two tear notches. Re-closure and re-opening can be made at your convenience with the robust resealable zip closure.

The added valve in the pouch makes these perfect for Coffee!

These pouches cannot be printed on the OKI Pro 9542 but they do work well with the AP200 label applicator.

White Flat Bottom Pouch with Valve


140mm x 210mm x 80mm

White Flat Bottom Pouch with Valve


150mm x 260mm x 90mm