Afinia L901 Printhead Replacement Instructions

Afinia L901 Head Swap

When it comes to replacing your printhead in your Afinia L901 it’s very important you follow the correct procedure. It’s easy to damage a printhead and any damage caused during installation isn’t covered by any warranty so cutting corners can be expensive. We at HD Labels have created a little video to help guide you through the installation as well as copying in the walk through guide below. Watch the video and follow our instructions and you shouldn’t go wrong.

Alternatively if you’re still unsure feel free to talk to one of our support team who will be happy to guide you through the process. We have fully qualified Afinia Engineers at HD Labels ready to help. Call 01264 335118 or

Here is our Guide to replacing the printhead in the Afinia L901 Label Printer –

Alternatively you can download the L901_QuickStart_Guide_1.1  that has the instructions written out in steps.

To purchase a replacement Afinia L901 Print head click on the following link – L901 Printhead

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