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About DTM Print

Established in 1983, DTM Print started life as Primera Europe and only changed their name to DTM Print in early 2019. DTM Print have always manufactured print technology and disc duplication equipment. However in the past 10 years with they decline of disc, label printers have been their focus. Aiming at the bespoke labelling / lower volume label producers, DTM have a great range of products for those needing to create their first production facility. Label printers & applicators ideal for small producers.

DTM Print Label Printers

DTM label printers are inkjet and thermal based with options for both pigment & dye inks. The ability to switch between pigment and dye gives you the flexibility of printing super vibrant labels using dye and durable BS5609 certified labels with the pigment inks.

DTM Print label printers are ideal for chemical, cosmetic, bespoke, food & drink label printing to name just a few. For more information, samples etc on DTM label printers follow the link or get in touch.

DTM Print Label Printers

DTM Print Label Applicators

Once you’ve printed your labels, applying them to your bottle, tub, cylinder, bag or box can be a nightmare. With the DTM Print label applicator range you can find a solution to help. The bottle applicators can apply labels to most round surfaces with consistency, no bubbles and straight every time. All of this is done at speed to you won’t be spending night hand applying labels.

Find out if your product works with these applicators before you buy. Send us a few to test and we’ll ensure you get the right label applicator for you.

DTM Print Label Applicators

DTM Print Label Printers

Is a DTM Print Label printer right for me?

The DTM label range offers great quality and the buy price for the printers is relatively low compared to it’s competitors. What you need to understand are your ink costs. Cost per print is key. If you’re printing large labels in full colour your costs will be higher so you need to work out the balance in costs. This is what we’re able to help with. We can show you a true cost of ownership between all of our printers. This is key to knowing what the printer will really cost you.

Check out some of the industries we already work with for ideas and examples of label solutions.

  • Sale!

    Primera LX910e Colour Label Printer

    Original price was: £2,495.00.Current price is: £2,345.00. ex VAT
  • Sale!DTM LX610e

    DTM LX610e Pro Colour Label Printer & Cutter

    Original price was: £2,795.00.Current price is: £2,750.00. ex VAT
  • Sale!

    Primera LX3000e Colour Label Printer – Dye Inks

    Original price was: £3,095.00.Current price is: £2,895.00. ex VAT
  • DTM Print CX86 Tag Printer

    DTM CX86e Colour Label, Tag + Ticket Printer

    £2,135.00 ex VAT
  • Let us help with your DTM Print needs

    All of our team are fully trained with the DTM Print Label product range. We stock inks, print heads as well as some standard blank label stock ready to get you printing. If you need specific label sizes then that’s no issue too. Let us know the dimensions and we can make any size or shape label to order. Custom Labels

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    DTM Print Label Applicators

    Which DTM Print label Applicator is right for you?

    Your product determines which is the best applicator for you so we recommend you send us images or physical products to ensure you get the right applicator for you. We can work with most round products but taper’s, lips, or other raised parts of your product can effect the label application.

    For help deciding If these DTM Label Applicators will work for you talk to one of our team.

  • DTM AP360e label applicator

    DTM Print AP360e Single Label Applicator

    £1,357.00 ex VAT
  • DTM Print AP362e

    DTM Print AP362e Double Label Applicator

    £1,599.95 ex VAT
  • Primera AP550e Flat Surface Label Applicator

    £2,190.00 ex VAT
  • DTM Print Inks & Printheads

    Genuine Ink cartridges & Printheads from an approved DTM Print / Primera partner in the UK. DTM Print branded Inks delivered next day.

  • New!

    DTM LX610e Colour Ink – Pigment

    £75.95 ex VAT
  • New!
    LX3000e Magenta Dye Ink

    Primera LX3000e Magenta Ink – Dye

    £55.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    Primera LX3000e Print Head – Pigment

    £72.00 ex VAT
  • New!
    LX610e Wear Strips

    DTM LX610e Wear Strips

    £45.00 ex VAT
  • Why we love DTM Print!

    Label printers made by DTM print offer flexibility, quality & are priced well. As a package the printer, rewinder & applicator allows you to print and apply professional labels with ease and consistency. Great for start-ups and small businesses looking to get their first really taste of proper label production. They aren’t right for everyone but that’s what we’re here for. We’ll take the time to understand what’s right for you.

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