DTM CX86e Colour Label, Tag + Ticket Printer

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Take Control of your Tag & Ticket Printing with the CX86e

The DTM CX86e is a LED, dry toner colour label printer. It prints and cuts every single label so you can’t print “roll to roll” but this makes it great for those needing individual labels, tags & tickets.

What is the CX86e designed to print? 

Labels | Vouchers | Tags | ID Tags | Visitor Badges | Loop Ribbons | Stickers | Coupons | Card | Plant Tags | Product Identifiers

Key Features:

  • LED Print Technology – This process uses dry toners so no ink is involved in the print process. It’s similar to laser print in that the toner is fused to the material through heat. This delivers a high resolution, durable print. LED printing is very reliable, & quick with limited moving parts so the whole process is very robust. The machine, the print process and the finished product.
  • CMY – Three Colour Toner – The CX86e needs only one toner cartridge. The toner is split into the the 3 colours internally meaning you only need to stock one toner for this printer. It’s a straight swap that’s very quick and within seconds the CX86 is ready to print again.
  • Connectivity –  The CX86e is very flexible and can be controlled via USB, Ethernet or WLAN. This means multiple users can connect to the printer and print what they require.
  • Design Software – The CX86e comes with the DTM Edition of NiceLabel. This allows simple template creation. Import of graphics, text creation and barcodes. A great tool to help standardise your products and improve your brand & customer message. You aren’t limited to NiceLabel though so if you have designs setup in Bartender or in PDF etc then you can also print directly from these. Most Windows applications should be compatible with the CX86e
  • Inbuilt Cutter – The cutter is built into the CX86e and it’s a rolling cutter that cuts after every print. This allows you to print continuous material and have each print out cut.
  • Durability of print – The CX86e gives you a durable, waterproof finish. This makes for a great solution when printing plant tags in garden centres for example.

For questions on the DTM CX86e or to talk through your requirements please talk to the team and we’ll be happy to help.

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  • Print Speed

    15.24 cm (6") per second; Idle mode to first label presented: 4 seconds

  • Print Type

    LED Electrophotographic

  • Print Resolutions

    1200 x 1200 dpi

  • Toner Cartridges

    CMY three-colour toner cartridge

  • Media Width

    25 - 86 mm

  • Media Length

    53 - 551 mm

  • Media Types

    Self-adhesive label or tags, dry toner approved films

  • Media Sensing

    Moveable transmission sensor for die-cut and through hole labels; Moveable reflective sensor for labels and tags with black stripe; can also use continuous and pre-printed labels and tags

  • Cut Type

    black mark (up/down) center holes side holes notch GAP defined length on continuous roll

  • Media Feed

    External material feed via roll, continuous paper in zigzag folding or single sheet Sheet Feed: Paper cut into rectangles in the range of 25 mm to 86 mm width and 53 mm to 551 mm length

  • Supply Ribbon Roll

    38.1 mm - 76.2 mm (1.5"-3") ID core with max. 254 mm (10”) OD

  • Operating Systems

    Windows 7/10+

  • Connection

    USB 2.0

  • Certifications

    CE, FCC Class A, RoHS

  • Controls

    Feed Button

  • Rewinder

    Not included

  • Software (included)

    NiceLabel Free 2019 DTM Edition - Belight Swift Pub 5 (MAC)

  • Included

    Sturdy external passive label unwinder



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