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There are few industries where your product label is as important as in cosmetics. The label must convey the brand message, evoke emotion, comply with current regulations, be durable and deliver user instructions often in a very small amount of space. HD Labels has experience in helping cosmetics companies from start-ups to large organisations with many hundreds of different SKUs.

Bee Free Lip Balm Labels

Important considerations

With cosmetics labels the highest quality finish and materials are essential but there are many other factors to consider before then.

  • What is the shelf life of your product?
  • What environment is it likely to be kept in?

This will help identify how durable your label needs to be and whether you will need to have an over laminate. Digital printing is not suitable for all applications so sometimes Flexographic printing is the only option.

Balm Label

What regulatory information do you need to include and what font size does this need to be in? Certain print methods might not be suitable for printing the smallest size text.

How will your labels be applied? If they are to be applied automatically then the orientation, label gap size and thickness will need to the checked.

HD Labels offer a wide range of materials for cosmetics labelling and can supply free samples for testing prior to ordering. We’d always recommend that you apply samples labels to the containers that you intend to use prior to ordering any labels.

Why print your own?

Digital printing can offer a cost effective solution for short run printed labels. Reasons for customers preferring this to having labels printed for them include:

  • Complete control over inventory
  • No long lead times
  • No minimum run sizes
  • The ability to respond quickly to regulation changes
  • Easy to sample products, create special editions or even produce custom label versions.
Bottle Matic II label applicator

Popular equipment

For low to medium run sizes then the Afinia L502 or Epson C6500Ae are durable printers ideal for cosmetics labels. This is often combined with a semi-automatic label applicator such as the Bottle Matic 2or Afinia A200.

For larger run sizes the Afinia L-801 or L901 Plus combined with the DLF-220L allows you to produce any size or shaped label whilst adding an over laminate.

Do give us a call to discuss any specific requirements that you have or check out our package deals.

Why use HD Labels?

As distributors and partners to the likes of Afina, Epson, GoDEX, DTM Print, OKI, Bottle Matic, and DPR we have a label solution for you.

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