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Our story

Who are HD Labels, where have we come from and where are we going?

HD Labels is the label specific part of Handisc. Originally a disc & flash memory duplication business we’ve taken our years of disc & material printing experience and have applied this to labels. As labels have evolved and grown into a huge part of our business. We have grown to become one of the UK’s leading distributors of label printing solutions and in 2017 we won “Distributor of the Year” for Afinia Label.

Industry leaders

We aim to be different from everyone else. We don’t just box shift and we care about helping you find the right label solution for you so why not test us. Talk to one of our team and tell us what you’re trying to achieve. We run most products in house so we have experience in using them and getting the most out of them. Get in touch and find out for yourself.

“HD Labels have always provided outstanding service and support for the entire Afinia printer range. Alex and his knowledgeable team are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.”

Nathan Daniel – Afinia UK

Diverse solutions

We don’t just supply label printers. We have almost everything “label” covered. Some people just need a simple label printer. Others need to be able to print, cut, laminate, slit and wind their labels before needing help with applying the labels on mass. We can supply solutions for either part or the whole of your production. Let us help your business or label production grow.

For those not needing label hardware and are just in need of a few labels printing, don’t panic. We have you covered too! Check out our label printing service. We offer a short run label printing service with a very fast turnaround.


Whether you’re a small farm shop or candle producer to a multi national organisation we should have something for you. The best thing about working in the label industry is that our customer base is so varied. One day we can be on a Cheese Farm and the next day an Oil Refinery. From Breweries to Chemists we have you covered. Check out our Industries page to see some examples of what we can offer.


Although our printers are very reliable and efficient most solutions can do with servicing and eventually maintenance to keep them going and producing the best labels they can. We have you covered again with a range of servicing & support options. This comes back to not being a box shifter. We know the machines you’ll be using and our trained Engineers will be at the other end of the phone to help and advise you always. Even if your label solutions wasn’t purchased from us we can still help you. Check out our support page or talk to the team for more information.

HD Labels Building

The Team

Handisc & HD Labels was founded in 2010 by Alex. He’s lucky to have a knowledgeable, hardworking team around him that have been able to evolve to support our customer needs and continually strive to improve what we do. To keep an eye on the team and stay up to date with all things at HD Labels why not follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Alex on Linkedin.

Alex Ashur – Founder

Alex founded Handisc in 2010 & HD Labels developed from that. Seeing the potential in the label market, HD Labels as a brand has outgrown Handisc. It’s now one of the leading suppliers of label products in the UK.

Alex is an Engineer himself and prefers to be using, demonstrating & supporting the equipment rather than just selling it. Being a trained Afinia, OKI, GoDEX & Epson Engineer to name a few, gives a great background to advise on the right label solution for your requirement.

Follow our Youtube to see Alex in action!

Email: alex@hdlabels.co.uk

Karen Williams – Account Manager

Karen joined in 2011 and has been a key part of helping HD Labels grow into what it is today. Karen’s desire to understand & develop the equipment, products & solutions we provide allows her to guide people through experience. “We aren’t box shifters” is something she feels strongly about. Whether you’re a startup or multi national business, it doesn’t matter. The same personal approach and attention to detail is always taken.

Email: karen.williams@hdlabels.co.uk

Josh Humphreys – Technical Support

Josh is our big South African engineer who joined us late 2023 but has years of experience supporting label printers and finishers.

He’s friendly and knowledgeable and is the first point of contact for any tech support issues.

Email: josh@hdlabels.co.uk

Holly – Design & Production

Holly has a history in print & graphic design and is here to add a little more to our artwork capabilities as well as take some of the load off production. We always lacked a little creativity until Holly arrived.

If you are talking artwork with the team, you most likely know Holly already.

Email: holly@hdlabels.co.uk

Helen – Sales Support / Account Management

Helen brings organisation & fun. With years of experience managing people as well as training Martial Arts. She helps you get things done as well keep production inline if needed.

Processing orders, helping with job scheduling and generally keeping us all moving in the right direction.

Contact: helen@hdlabels.co.uk

Grant – Production & Operations

Grant has a history in print & lots of experience running large print & finishing machinery. With our expanding label print, finishing & die cutting options, Grant is key to our blank label production which supports our hardware sales.

Justine – Accounts

If you’ve owed us or we’ve owed you money in the past 12 years you’ve most likely dealt with Justine. She keeps us on track and the money coming in / out.

For any accounts questions feel free to contact Justine.

Email: accounts@hdlabels.co.uk

Justas – Production & Operations

Justas is new to labelling in 2023 but is already producing blank labels and working his way through training on our finishing systems. We plan to help Justas grow into a key member of production and our commitment to training staff is key.

Solutions for everyone

There are endless uses for labels so we make sure we get the right label printer for your needs. It doesn’t matter if you only need to produce a few labels at the weekend or if you have 24/7 label production. Our team will find a solution that meets your requirements and will guide you through every step.

We supply the best

As distributors and partners to the likes of Afina, Epson, OKI, GoDEX, DTM Print (Primera), Bottle Matic, and DPR we have a label solution for you. From a local producer or farm shop to an international manufacturer, we can guide you when it comes to choosing the correct label solution for your business.