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Print Your Own Pouches one the OKI Pro 9542

Print your own pouches

The OKI Pro 9000 printer range has been a solid machine for years and a recent addition to it’s abilities is being able to print directly on to pouches.

The video below show’s the OKI Pro 9542 in action printing a full colour print directly onto the pouch in a single pass. You can also see the auto feeder in action along with the conveyor system at the rear of the machine to take the printed pouches away from the machine. 

The whole OKI 9000 range is able to print on to pouches so your particular requirement will determine which machine will be right for you. This is where we can help. 

Tell us what you are trying to achieve and on what pouches and we’ll prove the concept before you purchase. 

printed pouches

There are some do’s and don’t when it comes to pouch printing so here is a quick list of the pro’s and cons

Pro’s to Printing Pouches on the OKI Pro 9000 Range
  • Full colour printing
  • Durable print due to toner based technology
  • No setup costs & minimal setup time
  • Print one at a time if needed. Great for bespoke pouches!
  • Add an auto feeder
  • Print White – Great for printing on coloured pouches
OKI Pro 9542 Digital Packaging Printer
OKI Pro 9000 Feeder
Con’s to Printing Pouches on the OKI Pro 9000 Range
  • You can’t full bleed print over the whole pouch. Be sure to check the printable area of your pouch as seals, change in thickness, valves, windows etc will all effect your print.
  • Not all pouches are supported so ensure you test before purchase. As above the varied thickness in pouch will effect handling as well as print.
See the OKI Pro 9542 in action printing pouches

For more info or help printing pouches, please get in touch on 01264 335118 or complete the form below.

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