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OKI Pro 9542 Customer Case Study – Bespoke Greetings Card Printing

Here at HD Labels, we pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to get the right solution for you. Take a look at this tailormade solution to meet our customers needs and streamline their business processes further than they even anticipated.

What the customer was trying to achieve;

The customer wanted to have a printer that can print onto their pre-printed cards with their customer’s personalised message ordered via their website. Seems fairly simple on the face of it right?

On the face of it, the request does seem fairly simple however upon working with the customer and understanding their full requirements a lot more detail and comes to light. What the customer really needed is a printer capable of being safe to work alongside food as the greeting card is in the box with the food product, a printer that can cope with their demand and volume, a printer that can be integrated into their web store and current printing process and finally a printer that is affordable to them.

What we recommended!

We recommended that they have an OKI Pro 9542 printer. This was for multiple reasons primarily due to the OKI Pro 9542 using a toner-based print technology which uses heat to apply the toner to the product surface which makes it very durable and can’t come off and get onto the food product.

The OKI Pro 9542 has the can print in Cyan, Yellow and Magenta as well as Black so in the future if they want to open up the ability to print personalised messages with colour or images, they already have that capability within the printer.

The OKI Pro 9542 works with Hot Folders (I will talk more about this as part of a solution below) allowing the clients web store to send the personalised information direct to the printer without any other involvement speeding up the process of packing and delivery.

The printer comes in various formats such as having more print trays to feed multiple medias or the ability to print banners!

Did I hear you ask “What are hot folders?”

Hot folders are file folders on a PC or MAC that utilise a software programme for automated functions. It’s a simple process of input-output using a folder on the Client PC to achieve a result such as print a PDF or Word DOC, however you can get much more in depth with the software inputting printer templates, driver print settings such as stock types and also what is done with the data sent to the hot folder. Such as delete int automatically, holding the job if the printer encounters an error such as paper jam or paper out or specifically printing from a tray holding certain stock. With hot folders you can simply drag and drop the item you want printed into the folder and the software does the rest for you.

Where we went beyond just a solution meeting their needs and streamlining their business processes further than they even anticipated.

The customer had a process in which three different Printers where being utilised to fulfil one customer order. First, was the printer for the personalised card, second was a printer for generating customer invoices and third was a printer used for delivery labels. By listening and working with the customer we proposed that it would benefit them to utilise the OKI Pro 9542 with a CAD link software for Hot Folders to integrate all three of those processes into one printer sending each process to specific printer trays rather than having three independent units. By doing this it saves the customer space, time and money!

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