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About GoDEX

GoDEX are a manufacturer of thermal barcode printing products. Since 1993 GoDEX have been designing label printers and label rewinders with the aim of offering high performance with great value. GoDEX also write their own software rather than bundle someone else’s package so they have full control of licencing and can optimize features to get the most from their printers. They include the full version of GoLABEL for free which no one else does.

GoDEX Label Printers

GoDEX have both direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers for all requirements. If you’re a small supplier printing barcode, shipping or sandwich labels then there is something for you. If you need a thermal printer to run 24/7 then we have options also.

GoLabel software is included and isn’t licenced per user so this and the 3 year warranty highlight the value of GoDEX thermal printers.

We offer FREE samples so get in touch and find out how the GoDEX thermal printer range can help you.

GoDEX Label Printers

GoDEX Label Rewinders

Get the most out of your label printer by adding a automatic GoDEX Rewinder. GoDEX rewinders are the best value label rewinders on the market. They’re simple to use and work with many cores sizes. They don’t only work with GoDEX printers as well. As they don’t physically connect to your label printer they can be used with all sorts of thermal, inkjet or LED label printers.

GoDEX have a range of professional label rewinders so get in touch and we’ll help you wind your labels back onto rolls ready for application.

GoDEX Label Rewinders

GoDEX Label Printers

Is a GoDEX Label printer right for me?

GoDEX offer Thermal label printers in all shapes and sizes. They offer both direct thermal and thermal transfer options with most of the printers having the ability to switch between the two. They come standard with most connections, software included and 3 years warranty. GoLabel has great tools for auto highlighting allergens for food safety among many other helpful features. It will help you and can ensure you produce consistent labels that conform to industry standards.

Check out some of the industries we already work with for ideas and examples of label solutions.

  • Sale!RT200i Godex

    GoDEX RT230i 2″ Thermal Transfer Printer – 300dpi

    Original price was: £574.00.Current price is: £510.00. ex VAT
  • Sale!Godex RT730i Thermal Label Printer

    GoDEX RT700i 4″ Thermal Transfer Label Printer with Colour Display

    Original price was: £512.00.Current price is: £478.30. ex VAT
  • Sale!DT4x

    GoDEX DT4x 4″ Direct Thermal Printer

    Original price was: £332.00.Current price is: £298.94. ex VAT
  • Let us help with your GoDEX needs

    All of our team are fully trained with the GoDEX Label product range. We use nearly all of the systems daily in-house so you’re welcome to come and see the machinery in action. We can demonstrate the label solutions with your artwork and can show you a true cost of ownership. Our technical team can offer training as well as ongoing support for the life of the label solution.

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    GoDEX Label Rewinders

    Which GoDEX label rewinder is right for you?

    GoDEX label rewinders are easy to use, great value and work with almost any label printer. They can be used as an unwinder as well as a rewinder so if you own something like the Afinia L301 or Epson C3500, why not add two and increase the amount of blank labels you can fit on a roll.

    For help deciding If these GoDEX rewinders will work for you talk to one of our team.

  • New!
    Godex T10

    GoDEX T10 Unwinder / Rewinder

    £295.00 ex VAT
  • New!
    Godex T20 Rewinder

    GoDEX T20 Unwinder / Rewinder

    £365.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    GoDEX T30 Unwinder / Rewinder

    £445.00 ex VAT
  • GoDEX Thermal Ribbons & Print Heads

    Genuine thermal ribbons from an approved GoDEX ribbon supplier in the UK. Branded wax, wax resin and resin thermal ribbons.

  • thermal wax ribbons

    GoDEX Thermal Resin Ribbons

  • thermal wax ribbons

    GoDEX Thermal Wax-Resin Ribbons

  • thermal wax ribbons

    GoDEX Standard Thermal Wax Ribbons

  • Why we love GoDEX!

    If you need a thermal label printer then look no further than GoDEX. The printers are reliable, easy to use and priced well. What we like most about GoDEX thermal printers is that they include the full version of GoLabel Software with every printer and also 3 years warranty. Usually you buy a thermal printer and then buy the software. With GoDEX you can download it before you even buy the printer and have a play.

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