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HD Labels have been working with Afinia since they launched their first label printer in 2010. As a trusted, approved supplier and support agent for Afinia, HD Labels are equipped to cover all of your Afinia needs. Afinia are a HP and Memjet OEM meaning they’ve got great experience integrating different print technologies into their label solutions.

Afinia Label Printers

Afinia have a label printer range to suit all needs. Starting with the L301 that offers high quality labels in low volumes. Ending with the DLP2100 which is a full Digital Label Press. Most people need something in-between and our job is to help guide you to the right print solution for you.

We offer FREE samples and can show your true cost of ownership. We can demo the full range here at our offices in Andover or at Afinia Label in Warwick.

For more information on the Afinia professional label printer range follow the link below or please get in touch.

Afinia Label Printers

Afinia Label Finishers

There are two types of label finisher. Dye based finishing where a metal die is used to cut your printed / laminated labels. The other is knife cutting which uses a blade and has no setup costs. Each option has it’s pro’s and cons and that’s what we’re here for. We’ll help you understand which type of label finishing is right for you. We’ll prove the concept, cost it and demonstrate the finishers to ensure everything is covered. We also install, include training and then support the label finishers for their life time.

Afinia have a range of professional label finishers so get in touch and we’ll help you finish your labels.

Afinia Label Finishers

Afinia Label Printers

Is an Afinia Label printer right for me?

As a manufacturer, Afinia have the widest range of label printers available so no matter what you’re trying to do they most likely have a colour label printer for you. If you’re a local producer needing high quality but low volume labels then something like the L301 colour inkjet printer might be for you. If you need 24/7 label printing then something like the L901 Memjet label printer could be the one.

Check out some of the industries we already work with for ideas and examples of label solutions.

  • Afinia L502 Colour Label Printer

    £2,150.00 ex VAT
  • Afinia L701 Colour Label Printer

    £4,995.00 ex VAT
  • Sale!Afinia L801 Memjet Printer

    Afinia L801 Colour Label Printer

    Original price was: £6,495.00.Current price is: £5,995.00. ex VAT
  • Afinia L901 Colour Memjet Label Printer

    £9,995.00 ex VAT
  • L901 Plus Memjet Printer

    Afinia L901 Plus Colour Label Printer – WaterShield Ink

    £9,995.00 ex VAT
  • New!
    Afinia DLP2200 Digital Label Press

    Afinia DLP2200 Digital Label Press

  • Let us help with your Afinia needs

    All of our team are fully trained with the Afinia Label product range. We use nearly all of the systems daily in-houseafinia dealer badge so you’re welcome to come and see the machinery in action. We can demonstrate the label solutions with your artwork and can show you a true cost of ownership. Our technical team can offer training as well as ongoing support for the life of the label solution.

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    Afinia Label Finishers

    Which Afinia label finisher is right for you?

    Afinia have both knife cutting and die cutting label finishers. There are lamination options as well as the ability to slit wide rolls of material down to smaller rolls all in one process. Knife finishers allow you to cut any size or shape label without dies and setup is instant. Die finishers need a die made to the size and shape of your label. Once the die is made and on the finisher your labels will be produced at speeds of up to 18m per minute.

  • New!
    DLF220s Finisher

    Afinia DLF-140s – Desktop Label Finisher

    £9,250.00 ex VAT
  • DLF220s Finisher

    Afinia DLF-220s – Desktop Label Finisher

    £14,400.00 ex VAT
  • Afinia DLF220L Digital Label Finisher

    £17,750.00 ex VAT
  • New!
    Afinia DLP2200 Digital Label Press

    Afinia DLP2200 Digital Label Press

  • What do Afinia think of HD Labels?

    “HD Labels have always provided outstanding service and support for the entire Afinia printer range. Alex and his knowledgeable team are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.”

    Nathan Daniel – EMEA Sales Manager at Afinia Label
  • Afinia L301 Ink Set

    £80.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    Afinia L502 Pigment Ink – Yellow

    £21.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    Afinia L901 Ink – Full Set of 5 Inks

    £875.00 ex VAT
  • Afinia L801 Plus Print Head

    £550.00 ex VAT
  • Why we love Afinia!

    We love Afinia because of the flexibility with them and their range. The Afinia products are great but they seem to have something to cover all the bases. If you’re a farm shop wanted professional labels now and then and you have a small budget, there’s something for you. If you need 24/7 production, there’s something for you. Our Engineers have been through all of the machines and know all the little tricks to get the most out of them. We run them all in-house so we truly understand them rather than just box shifting them like a lot you see online. You can come and spend a day with our team and just play which we’ve found great when helping people decide on what’s right for them.

    All in all we feel Afinia are the most complete brand and seem to be leading the way with the continuous development of new labelling, finishing and application solutions.

  • Sale!XL Unwinder

    Afinia XL Unwinder UW300

    Original price was: £895.00.Current price is: £800.00. ex VAT
  • Sale!Afinia-XL-Rewinder

    Afinia XL Rewinder RW300

    Original price was: £1,295.00.Current price is: £995.00. ex VAT
  • New!

    Afinia Label Matrix Remover, Slitter & Rewinder

    £2,750.00 ex VAT
  • Sale!DLF220s Liner Rewinder

    Laminate Waste Rewinder for the Afinia DLF220s

    Original price was: £1,025.00.Current price is: £995.00. ex VAT
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