Afinia XL Unwinder UW300

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The Afinia XL UW300 Unwinder allows the use of larger input rolls of label material. If you’re looking to increase the input of your label printer then the XL Unwinder should do the trick. It’s a must for the Afinia L901 or Afinia L901 Plus but can also be added to the Afinia L801 should you need those bigger rolls.

This image above shows the XL unwinder being used inline on the Afinia L901. It also shows the XL rewinder on the right which will give you tight rolls of your printed labels.

The XL unwinder has uprated motors to deal with the heavier rolls of labels. This delivers a longer, uninterrupted print run. Ideal for larger label sizes or those wanting to fit more labels onto a roll.

Pair this with the XL Rewinder for the perfect addition to your label printer.


  • Outside diameter

    Up to 300mm

  • Width of stock

    Up to 240mm

  • Core size

    76.2mm (3")

  • Speed

    51 rpm


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