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Discproducer PP50

Disc Copying & Printing Equipment

CD, DVD & Blu-Ray disc copiers from HD Labels. Duplicate and print discs automatically using our robotic disc copiers.

We are an authorised supplier of the Epson Discproducer & Microtech Duplicator Range as well as genuine consumables. For all of your Epson Discproducer PP100 & Microtech Xpress needs please see below or get in touch.

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  • C13S020450

    Epson Discproducer PP100 Ink – Magenta

    £33.12 ex VAT
  • discproducer light cyan

    Epson Discproducer PP100 Ink – Light Cyan

    £33.12 ex VAT
  • Light Magenta

    Epson Discproducer PP100 Ink – Light Magenta

    £33.12 ex VAT
  • discporducer black

    Epson Discproducer PP100 Ink – Black

    £33.12 ex VAT
  • discproducer yellow

    Epson Discproducer PP100 Ink – Yellow

    £33.12 ex VAT
  • Discproducer Cyan

    Epson Discproducer PP100 Ink – Cyan

    £33.12 ex VAT
  • Xpress XL

    Microtech Xpress XL Disc Publisher

  • Xpress XE

    Microtech Xpress XE Disc Publisher

  • Xpress XP

    Microtech Xpress XP Disc Publisher

  • Discproducer PP50

    Epson Discproducer PP50

    £1,920.00 ex VAT
  • Epson Discproducer PP100AP

    £2,120.00 ex VAT
  • PP100II

    Epson Discproducer PP100II

    £2,998.00 ex VAT

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