Epson Discproducer PP100AP

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The Epson Discproducer PP100AP (Auto printer)is a full automated CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Printer . With a single, simple USB 3.0 connection to your PC or MAC you can print discs with ease. 100 disc capacity allows you to load the printer full of blank discs and the robotic arm will move discs between the inputs and printer. Allowing you to walk away while the Discproducer prints your discs.

There is no calibration or adjustment needed. Once setup you can print full edge to edge discs with no issues. the Epson PP100AP is by far and away the most reliable robot on the market.

The printer runs at a resolution of up to 1400dpi using Micro Piezo technology and 6 separate, bulk ink cartridges. This gives you the most vibrant colour print we’ve seen from a disc printer as well as lower costs per print.

For further information, a demonstration or samples, please get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help. We run these in-house so if you would like to send over your artwork we can show you exactly what it can do.

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  • Disc Capacity


  • Number of Drives


  • Discs Supported

    CD, DVD, DVD DL, Blu-Ray

  • Print Resolutions

    up to 1400 dpi

  • Inks

    6 - C, LC, M, LM, Y, K

  • Print Speed

    65 disc p/h (fast mode) & 45 discs p/h igh quality

  • Print head

    Micro Piezo

  • Recording speeds CD


  • Recording speeds DVD


  • Dimensions

    377‎ x 493 x 348 mm (Width x Depth x Height)


  • Total Disc Maker

    Allows you to design & print your discs.


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