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Providing professional label printing equipment and accessories to the Tea industry

Whether you’re producing your very first batch of candles or you need to take control of your mass candle & diffuser production, we should have a label solution to help you. Our short run label service is perfect for those getting started or producing small batches. Or take control of your production & print labels on demand with your own candle & diffuser label printer.

Important considerations

When it comes to Tea labels the highest quality print finish and materials are important. Whether you are a start up or an established brand you will have packaging and a style that your label needs to fit.

We have a range of materials, print finishes & printers that can produce various styles of print. Talk to our team and we’ll produce samples to help guide you to the solution that’s right for you.

Need your Tea Labels Printed for you?

Not everyone needs a printer or wants to produce labels themselves so why not take a look at our “label print service”. For short run, prototyping, photoshoots or full production runs. We should be able to produce your labels for you.

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DTM LX610e Colour Label Printer

Want to print your own Tea Labels?

Digital printing can offer a cost effective solution for short run printed labels. Reasons for customers preferring this to having labels printed for them include:

  • Complete control over inventory
  • No long lead times
  • No minimum run sizes
  • The ability to respond quickly to regulation changes
  • Easy to sample products, create special editions or even produce custom label versions.

Popular equipment

For low to medium run sizes then the Afinia L502 is a durable printer ideal for full colour tea label printing. The Pigment inks in L502 offer great durability. This is often combined with a semi-automatic label applicator such as the Afinia A200.

For larger run sizes the OKI Pro Series, Afinia L-801 or L901 combined with the DLF-220L allows you to produce any size or shaped label whilst adding an over laminate.

Do give us a call to discuss any specific tea label requirements that you have. We have all of the printers, finishers & applicators available for demo & samples.

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Why use HD Labels?

As distributors and partners to the likes of Afina, Epson, GoDEX, DTM Print, OKI, Bottle Matic, and DPR we have a label solution for you.

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