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Providing professional label printing equipment and accessories to the E-Liquid & Vape Industry

In this very competitive market effective branding and standing out on the shelf is critical. Challenges also come from requiring a significant amount of legible information to be presented in a very small space, and the requirement for durability against the products liquid content. HD Labels has experience of helping customers produce high quality labels for bottles 5ml, 10ml, 20ml and upwards.

Important considerations

What finish would you like for your labels? Paper products are unlikely to be suitable for E-Liquid labels so you are likely to be looking at PP or PE products which do come in a range of finishes.

What regulatory information do you need to include and what font size does this need to be in? Certain print methods might not be suitable for printing the smallest size text.

If you are looking to print your own labels then it’s important to consider the minimum width of labels that the printer can accept; often this is around 50mm. There are ways around this though for smaller labels. We can help advise you on what would be the best option for you if you are looking to produce smaller width labels.

Epson C7500

How will your labels be applied? If they are to be applied automatically then the orientation, label gap size and thickness will need to be checked.

HD Labels offer a wide range of materials suitable for vape labels and can supply free samples for testing prior to ordering. We’d always recommend that you apply samples labels to the containers that you intend to use prior to ordering any labels.

Why print your own?

Digital printing can offer a cost effective solution for short run printed labels. Reasons for customers preferring this to having labels printed for them include:

  • Complete control over inventory
  • Ability to trial run flavours or offer seasonal products
  • Ability to private label products
  • No long lead time
  • No minimum run sizes so reduced waste
  • The ability to react quality to the frequent regulation changes in this rapidly changing industry
Bottle Matic II label applicator

Popular equipment

For low to medium run sizes then the Afinia L501 is a durable printer ideal for E-Cig labels. This is often combined with a semi-automatic label applicator such as the bottle matic 6 inch.

A great option for larger run sizes would be the L-801 Plus alongside a matrix remover and slitter.

For those wanting complete control the Afinia L-801 combined with the DLF-220L allows you to produce any size or shaped label whilst adding an over laminate to increase the durability or alter the label texture.

Why use HD Labels?

As distributors and partners to the likes of Afina, Epson, Primera, Bottle Matic, and DPR we have a label solution for you.

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