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HD Labels are one of a few fully trained suppliers of the OKI Pro Series range in the UK. Our engineers have completed the build & support training and can guide you through the ins and outs of the OKI Pro Series. We are running one the OKI Pro 1050 in-house and can produce samples and offer full demonstrations.

OKI Label Printers

OKI have the Pro Series range of toner based label printers. These are durable, full colour label printers offering exceptional print quality on demand. There are two models, The OKI Pro 1040 & OKI Pro 1050.

Both printers perform exactly the same other than the 1050 has an additional fifth toner included. This makes it a CMYK + White printer. Making it one of the only label printers in the world currently that can print white.

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Industries Ideal for the OKI Pro

The OKI Pro Series is designed for those needing durable, colour labels fast. Printing on various substrates such as paper, PP, clear, foils, matt or gloss to name a few. The OKI Pro is flexible and ideal for those printing labels on demand or with unique content.

Industries such as Cosmetics, Chemical (GHS & BS5609 Certified), Food & Drink, Paints, Automotive to name a few. If you have any label artwork of yours that you would like to send us then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

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OKI Pro Series Label Printers

Is an OKI label printer right for me?

If you’re looking for something that’s simple & clean to use, reliable and has a durable colour print then the OKI Pro Series label printer range could be for you. The OKI 1040 & OKI 1050 label printers are aimed at those needing full colour labels instantly but with the increased durability that toner brings.

We also have a great range of Rewinders to help you get the most from your OKI Pro Label Printer. Strip the waste after printing or use larger label rolls.

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    OKI Pro 1050 Colour Label Printer

    Oki Pro 1040 Label Printer

  • Offer!
    OKI Pro 1050 Colour Label Printer

    OKI Pro 1050 Colour Label Printer

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    Godex T20 Rewinder

    GoDEX T20 Unwinder / Rewinder

    £365.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    Afinia SMR100 Label Slitter & Matrix Remover

    £2,749.00 ex VAT
  • Professional, efficient and charming to work with. Everything one could hope for.

    Alan Kilkenny - Disc Pro

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    OKI Packaging and Pouch Printers

    Ever thought about printing your own pouches or packaging in-house?

    OKI have a range of professional printers that are great for short to medium run pouch or packaging printing. take control of your printing with the ability to print unique content or even single pouches at a time. Using the LED toner and heat transfer process you will end up with a full colour, durable print directly onto your pouch.

    Not all pouches are supported so talk to the team and test your pouches today.

  • Sale!OKI C650 A4 Colour Printer

    Oki C650 Series – Colour Digital Printer

    Original price was: £975.00.Current price is: £895.00. ex VAT
  • OKI 9542 with auto feeder and conveyor exit

    Oki Pro9542 – 5 Colour Digital Printer with Auto Feeder & Exit Conveyor

  • OKI Pro 9542 Packaging Printer

    Oki Pro9431 – Four Colour Digital Printer CMYK

  • OKI Pro 9542 Packaging Printer

    Oki Pro9542 – Five Colour Digital Printer – Printer Only

  • New!

    OKI Black Toner Cartridge for the OKI Pro 1050

    £157.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    OKI Cyan Toner Cartridge for the OKI Pro 1050

    £157.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    OKI Magenta Toner Cartridge for the OKI Pro 1050

    £157.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    OKI Yellow Toner Cartridge for the OKI Pro 1050

    £157.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    OKI White Toner Cartridge for the OKI Pro 1050

    £236.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    OKI Waste Toner Box for the OKI Pro Series

    £41.00 ex VAT
  • OKI Fuser and exit unit for the OKI Pro 1040/1050

    £350.00 ex VAT
  • New!

    OKI Transfer Belt for the OKI Pro 1040/1050

    £214.56 ex VAT
  • Why we love OKI Label!

    OKI have developed a label printer range that no one else has before and gives us the ability to print white with ease. The printers are simple to use and just do what they say on the tin. Our inkjet solutions are great but when printing clear the inkjet coating on the material gives you a slight frosting so it isn’t fully clear. Again with the OKI printers you can print on true “clear” material as the toners adhere to the surface rather than needing a coating to absorb any ink.

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