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Looking for supply, duplication or branding of hard drives?

Hard Drive Copying, Labelling Distribution Service from HD

Do you need blank hard drives, data loading or drives branded & distributed?

Our background long before labels took over our business was always data duplication, branding & data distribution. If you need to copy your data professionally and ensure it’s labelled up and supplied securely, either to you or fulfilled direct to your customers we can help.

How to Buy Blank hard drives?

With a range of direct supply lines HD Labels can ensure you get professional grade hard drives to the spec required. Whether you need a handful or thousands we can offer consistency with your hard drive purchase to ensure peace of mind.

What is Hard Drive Duplication?

If you have content on a finished hard drive or just in digital form we can duplicate that professionally to as many drives as needed. Duplication is not just “copy/pasting” from one to another. We have specifically manufactured hard drive duplicators designed to ensure consistent & exact copies of your master drive. This is ideal for those needing to keep formats, custom OS builds or boot disks.

Can hard drives be Labelled?

Yes!!! With our in-house label production we can print & cut any shape label you need for your hard drive or hard drive packaging. We can do short run too so you don’t need to order 1000’s of drives to have a bespoke product. Let us supply your hard drive labelled with the data loaded as a finished product or we can send you the components to copy or label yourself.

Hard Drive Fulfilment & Distribution

Not only can we copy and label your hard drive but we can fulfil and distribute your drives if needed. We can take a database or spreadsheet of address, letters etc and produce, pack and ship your full product. With our team of packers we can ensure your data distribution is efficient and consistent.

How can we help you with your Hard Drive Production?

Copy / Label / Distribute

Get in touch with our team and tell us your hard drive duplication requirements and we’ll help guide you to the right solution for you.

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How do we duplicate hard drives?

external USB hard disk
External USB hard disk

The only way you should really copy a hard drive is using “bit for bit” technology. One of the issues with all flash memory is that it can be a affected or changed slightly by connecting them to a PC and letting Windows search or scan a drive. By copying “bit for bit” we look at hard drives at a lower, binary level and copy the raw content in it’s “ones and zeros” form. This gives you a true duplicate and allows us to copy drives with customer file formats as none of this will be effected.

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