Understanding Label Printer Ink Costs

Ink Cost Comparison Table

Make sure you know how much it costs to run your label printer

Running costs should be an important consideration when choosing a label printer, and something that is hard to compare when looking at printers online. Whilst cost per cartridge (if you know the capacity) can provide an indication it doesn’t tell the whole story.

We have prepared a document to help you compare the cost per print across our most popular label printer options. We still recommend you send over your own artwork files for exact costings on any printers that maybe of interest to you but this gives a good indication.

If you are printing high volumes or large, heavy ink coverage labels the Memjet printers, L701, L801 and L901 are probably the ones to be looking at. Their bulk ink tanks make them the cheapest to run digital printers on the market.

The more you spend on a label printer the lower the running costs tend to be.

We ensure people understand their running costs before they purchase. This way you can really find the most cost effective solution for you.

The cheapest printer to buy is usually the most expensive to run so don’t get caught out.


HD Labels

What designs are we basing our costs on?

We have three designs that very in size and a decent amount of ink coverage too. See the images below.

HD Labels Ink Cost Table

This table shows the cost in pence for the ink used to print these images. There is no material included but we can help cost this too. We just need to pick the material as this is easier to work out. There are just so many material types that we haven’t included the materials as the table would be endless. 

Get Your Artwork Costed

Ultimately we always recommend you get your own artwork costed on any label printer you’re purchasing as that’s the only way to give accurate costs. You can either upload artwork to us via our site and specify the printer you want costing or simply get in touch and one of our team here will help you.


Upload Artwork for Sample & Ink Costs


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