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Providing professional label printing equipment and accessories to the food and drinks industry

With just 3-7 seconds to make an impression, getting your food and drink packaging right is vital. HD labels has experience in helping breweries, bakeries, coffee roasters and farm shops across the country to source the right labelling solutions for their specific product requirements.

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Important considerations

Probably the most important thing to consider with food labels is ensuring that the information you are presenting meets all legal food labelling requirements. Once you know what you need to include then you can think about the wide variety of finishes available. Thinking about the environment that the product will be stored in and what it’s shelf life will be will help you decide on the label durability needed.

How will your labels be applied?

If they are to be applied automatically then the orientation, label gap size and thickness will need to the checked.

HD Labels offer a wide range of materials suitable for food and drink labelling and can supply free samples for testing prior to ordering. We’d always recommend that you apply samples labels to the containers that you intend to use prior to ordering any labels to check size, durability and adhesive strength. We have different adhesives for deep freeze products for example.

Why print your own?

Digital printing can offer a cost effective solution for short run printed labels. Reasons for customers preferring this to having labels printed for them include:

– Complete control over inventory
– No long lead times
– No minimum run sizes
– The ability to respond quickly to regulation changes or nutritional content
– Easy to offer seasonal specials, samples even personalised products for weddings.

Afinia L301 Colour Label Printer

Popular equipment

We have package solutions for craft breweries which include printers, applicators and stock size labels. These are available for low and high volume printers.
For very short run products the Afinia L301 or Epson C3500 are popular choices for food production. For higher run sizes such as sandwich labelling the L-801 is a great options. We have supplied these into a number of bakeries and frozen food suppliers.

Our team would be very happy to discuss your specific requirements and offer advice on the suitability of any of our solutions for your needs.

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Why use HD Labels?

As distributors and partners to the likes of Afina, Epson, Primera, Bottle Matic, and DPR we have a label solution for you.

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