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The Microtech Xpress XL is for those needing to produce higher volumes of large format discs. If you produce DVD, DVD+DL or Blu-Ray then there is no better disc publisher on the market. With two printers and 12 recorders the Xpress XL is everything you need to copy and print large format discs.

Each drive runs independently so you can have up to 13 jobs (one pre-mastering) running at once with an unlimited job queue following. You have 800 disc capacity or you can split those spindles to have a mixed media of up to any four disc types of your choice.

The thing that really separates the whole Microtech range from the other copiers out there is the software. Professional software that only produces discs that conform to industry standards to ensure maximum compatibility. You also have some great features such as serialisation, fingerprinting and the merging of print data to name a few.

Data Fingerprinting – As an example the Microtech’s are the systems of choice for Game Developers. The ability to fingerprint content to add traceability to the content even if it was taken off the disc and put online. This is a free feature that’s included so you can create a unique, traceable disc at the touch of a button. The best thing is the unique identifier can be anywhere in the content and only where you tell it. So we can explain how you can do it but we could never find the key which makes this great as a piracy deterrent.

Serialisation – As well as embedding unique content into the data on a disc you can also be unique with your print data that’s shown on the disc surface. Produce thousands of discs in one job that contain unique address, user details, barcodes, serial numbers and so on. Link merge files to create data on the fly as your discs are printed.

Disc Spanning – This has been designed to allow users to back up large amounts of data from servers or hard drives while keeping their file structure. You can span the content across many DVD’s or Blu-Ray which is great for backup or movement of large amounts of data.

Multiple Print ChoicesXstreamjet

The Xpress XL has three different printers to choose from depending on your requirements.

Xstreamjet – Bulk Inkjet printer. Full colour and low cost printing. Not 100% water resistant. 5760 x 1400dpi print so really high quality. Comes with a CIS Kit (continuous ink system) ideal for volume printing.

Teac P55 – Much higher cost per print but ultimately the highest quality and most durable colour print you can get on a disc. Full colour using thermal print technology.

Xpression – Black thermal print designed for fast, low cost & durable print. Great for those needing to just produce simple informative prints at speed using logos, text and barcodes.

For more information on the Xpress XL or any of the Microtech Range please talk to our team. We run these in-house so can arrange demonstrations.

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  • Disc Capacity

    800 or 4 x 200 with Mixed Media Mode

  • Number of Drives


  • Discs Supported

    CD, DVD, DVD DL,

  • Optional Disc Formats

    Blu-Ray, BD DL, Wii, Wii-U

  • Printers

    Two of the following

  • Thermal

    Xpression Black Thermal

  • Colour Thermal

    Teac P-55

  • Inkjet

    Xstreamjet with bulk CIS Kit

  • Robotics


  • PC


  • Software

    MyDisc, Media Remote, Disc Print

  • Key Features

    Customisable API, Fingerprinting

  • -

    Serialisation, Unlimited Job Queue

  • -

    Disc Spanning, MyDisc Network Software

  • Optional Extras

    ImageAligner (Overprinting tool)

  • Installation & Training


  • Support Options

    B2B included with onsite support available


  • Total Disc Maker

    Allows you to master, copy, design & print your discs.


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