Afinia DC350 Semi-Rotary Die Label Finisher

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Finish Printed Label Rolls in a Single Pass!

The Afinia DC350 is high speed label finisher that takes pre-printed, continuous label rolls and allows you to laminate, cut, strip and slit this into finished label rolls.

Taking material up to 350mm in width, it’s the perfect companion to the Afinia X350 high speed Memjet printer.

A re-registering magnetic cylinder accepts flexible steel dies that are fast to obtain and relatively low in cost. These can be up to a maximum of 230mm in width (9inches) and 360mm in length (14 inches).

Afinia DC250 Key Features:

DLP2200 Finished Labels
DC250 Finished Labels
  • Laminate, cut, slit & rewind all in one pass
  • Auto web guide
  • Semi cutting
  • Precision Die Cutting
  • Versatile Material Compatibility

If you think the Afinia DC350 could be the right solution for your labelling requirements do give us a call and we can arrange for samples and full job costs to be calculated. We can then offer a full demonstration if the product looks to fit your requirements.



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  • Finishing Speed

    Up to 100 ft/min (up to 30 m/min)

  • Volume

    High Production

  • Media Guide

    In-built Auto Web Guide

  • Maximum Cutting Width

    13.78 in or 350 mm

  • Maximum Die cutting Length

    360mm (14.17")

  • Cutting Method

    Semi-rotary die (flexible steel)

  • Max Laminate OD

    280mm (11")

  • Lamination Method

    Pressure applied self wound or backed

  • Number of Slitting Blades

    5 as standard and up to 8

  • Max Material Input OD

    450mm (17.5") on 3" core. Approx 1000 meters in length

  • Max finished label rewind

    280mm (11")

  • Max waste matrix rewind

    300mm (11.8")

  • Roll Core size

    76 mm (3”)

  • Agency Certifications

    CE, FCC, RoHS

  • Power

    Single phase 220v 10 amp

  • Installation & Training



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