Afinia DC250 Semi-Rotary Die Label Finisher

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Finish Printed Label Rolls in a Single Pass!

The Afinia DC250 is high speed label finisher that takes pre-printed, continuous label rolls and allows you to laminate, cut, strip and slit this into finished label rolls.

A re-registering magnetic cylinder accepts flexible steel dies that are fast to obtain and relatively low in cost. These can be up to a maximum of 250mm in width (9inches) and 360mm in length (14 inches).

Afinia DC250 Key Features:

DLP2200 Finished Labels
DC250 Finished Labels
  • Laminate, cut, slit & rewind all in one pass
  • Auto web guide
  • Semi cutting
  • Precision Die Cutting
  • Versatile Material Compatibility

If you think the Afinia DC250 could be the right solution for your labelling requirements do give us a call and we can arrange for samples and full job costs to be calculated. We can then offer a full demonstration if the product looks to fit your requirements.




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  • Finishing Speed

    Up to 100 ft/min (up to 30 m/min)

  • Volume

    High Production

  • Media Guide

    In-built Auto Web Guide

  • Maximum Cutting Width

    9.84 inches or 250mm

  • Maximum Die cutting Length

    360mm (14.17")

  • Cutting Method

    Semi-rotary die (flexible steel)

  • Max Laminate OD

    280mm (11")

  • Lamination Method

    Pressure applied self wound or backed

  • Number of Slitting Blades

    5 as standard and up to 8

  • Max Material Input OD

    450mm (17.5") on 3" core. Approx 1000 meters in length

  • Max finished label rewind

    280mm (11")

  • Max waste matrix rewind

    300mm (11.8")

  • Roll Core size

    76 mm (3”)

  • Agency Certifications

    CE, FCC, RoHS

  • Power

    Single phase 220v 10 amp

  • Installation & Training



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