Lemorau CT1500 – Manual Label Core Cutter


The Lemorau CT1500 is a manual core cutter that allows you to take cores up to 1500mm in length and cut them down to any required size. Ideal for someone with a finisher or label die cutting service.

It’s compact, efficient and cost effective and will give you a clean cut to the required size in seconds. It works with multiple core diameters (25, 40, 50 & 76mm) with the change of a head. There is also an option to add the ability to cut 152mm cores.

A maximum measured cut length of 330mm (13″) can be achieved with a max wall thickness of 6mm (0.23″).

As an example for inkjet printable die cut labels the industry standard is a 76mm core with a 3mm wall thickness.

It has dual hand control for safety and it conforms to all CE regulations.


  • Additional core size of up to 152mm (6″)
  • Max measured cut length of 800mm (31.4″)
  • 2 Meter core lengths

If you own a label finisher and need to cut cores quickly and efficiently then the Lemorau CT1500 might be for you.

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  • Maximum core length


  • Standard core diameter

    25, 40, 50, 76 mm (1”, 1.57”, 2”, 3”)

  • Other sizes

    p to 152 mm (up to 6”) as an optional

  • Maximum measured cut length

    330mm (13")

  • Maximum wall thickness

    6 mm (0.23”)

  • Safety

    Dual Hand Controls

  • Certification

    CE Conformity


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