Afinia L901 Plus & DLF220s Package

Print, Laminate & Cut Labels to ANY SHAPE!

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This package consists of the Afinia L901 Plus Label printer using Watershield inks and the DLF220s. The DLF220s is a digital label finisher allowing you to take pre-printed rolls of labels and laminate then cut them to any shape required.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • Label Printer – Afinia L901 Plus Label Printer (including XL unwinder & Rewinder)

The L901 Plus is a full colour label printer that’s ideal for printing on continuous material ready for use with the DLF200s. It prints up to 216mm wide with a max material width of 220mm. It also uses Watershield inks  designed to offer improved UV, water & chemical resistance. The Memjet engine inside the L901 Plus not only offers high quality (1600dpi) but high speed print and that’s the key to Memjet. You can print at either 6 or 12 inches per second!!

Key Features of the Afinia L901 Plus Label Printer:

  • Watershield Inks for improved UV, chemical & water resistance
  • Designed for easy integration with finishing systems
  • “On the fly” print head servicing
  • 1600dpi at 6 inches per second using Memjet Technology
  • Lower cost per print with bulk inks
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Below is a short video of the Afinia L901 Plus Label Printer in action:

  • Finishing the Labels – Afinia DLF220s – Digital Label Finisher

The Afinia DLF220s is a complete label finishing solution. It works with 220mm wide makingafinia dealer badge it perfect to pair with the Afinia L901 Plus. Once the printed roll of material is loaded on this runs through the finisher where it will be laminated and cut to any shape or size you require. Then the waste is removed and the finished roll is created on the output ready to go into production or shipped out. This solution is very flexible and allows you to print and cut and shape label in little time.

See the DLF220s Digital Label Finisher in action below:

Who would use this Package?

This solution is ideal for someone needing to produce high quality labels in all shapes and sizes on demand. No need to store lots of labels on the shelf that will go out of date. Just produce exactly what you need when you need it! We have put these into lots of companies who produce and sell stickers or labels as a service. Also users who just have many shapes and sizes for their own labels to produce. We have these running alongside Flexo printers, HP Indigo’s and Rowland wide format printers.

The Afinia L901 Plus produces pretty durable labels but with the laminate being added they are very strong. The quality and cost per print is also good This is an industrial solution that can produce thousands of labels per day.

Industries using this package: Chemical / CosmeticsBreweries / drinks / candle / wax melt / food / sweets / CBD / bakery / sandwich / pet food to name a few.

Ultimately we always recommend you talk to the team here to ensure you buy the right label solutions for you and your requirements. We run all of these solutions in house so can offer demonstrations and samples. Talk to our team today and find out if the Afinia L901 plus and DLF220s are the right package for you.

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  • Print Speed

    6 or 12 inches per second

  • Print Type

    Inkjet - Watershield

  • Print Technology


  • Print Resolutions

    up to 1600 dpi

  • Inks

    Watershield Inks - Individual CYMKK

  • Core Size

    3″ (76.2mm)

  • Label Width

    1.5″ – 8.5″ (38.1mm – 220mm)

  • Label Length

    0.75″ – 48″ (19mm – 1219.2mm)

  • Inter Label Gap Size

    0.125″ – 0.3″ (3.175mm – 7.62mm)

  • Media/Liner Width

    1.5″ – 8.65″ (38.1mm – 219.7mm)

  • Black Mark Size

    0.125″ – 0.3″

  • Label Thickness

    0.004″ – 0.01″ (0.1mm – 0.3mm)

  • Cutter

    Powered Cutter

  • Optional Unwinder

    8.5″ (152.4mm) max width, 8″ (152.4mm) OD on a 3″ core

  • Finisher


  • Installation & Training



  • Quick Guides & Manuals
    Afinia L901 Quick Start
  • Afinia L901 Manual
  • Drivers & Firmware
    Afinia L901 Driver
  • Spec Sheets
    Afinia L901 Spec Sheet


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