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This package allows you to print full colour, durable labels onto a variety of continuous materials including our greener range. This roll can then be laminated before being cut to any shape you require. The waste is then removed and the labels are wound back onto a roll ready for application. This is effectively a custom label solution ideal for anyone looking to make labels of various shapes and sizes on demand.

The durable, flexible nature of this solution is ideal for those looking to produce cosmetic, food & drink labels or anyone needing high quality, short run labels.

What’s Included in the Greener Labelling Package?

  • Label Printer – OKI Pro 1050 LED Label Printer
  • Finisher – Afinia DLF140s Digital Label Finisher
  • Rewinder – GoDEX T10 Label Rewinder
  • Blades – 5 Pack of blades for the DLF140s
  • Material – One roll of grass paper 130mm x 125m
  • Material – One roll of 100% recycled semi gloss paper 130mm x 125m

Let’s look closer at the items included: 

  • Label Printer – OKI Pro 1050 LED Label Printer

The OKI Pro 1050 is a full colour toner based label printer using LED print technology. This offers a high quality durable print. It can cope with many different label types & materials without the huge waste previously associated with laser printing.

The key feature of the OKI Pro 1050 is that it prints white. So as well as the usual CMYK it has an additional white toner. You can print on clear or foil materials as well as the usual paper or PE materials. The OKI Pro Series uses LED technology so no inks are involved. It has a print width of up to 125.76mm when linked with the DLF140 you can laminate the material before cutting offering a really durable finished label.

Key Features of the OKI Pro 1050 LED Label Printer:

  • 5 Colour printing means you can print CMYK + White.
  • Prints durable labels with high UV, chemical & water resistance
  • Wide range of material substrates. Print on matt, gloss, clear, foil, paper, polypropylene……….etc
  • Industries first true LED printer designed to specifically print labels.
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Below is a short video overview of the OKI Pro 1050 Label Printer:

  • Label Rewinder – Godex T20

Once your labels are printed they need to be rewound back onto a card core ready to go into the finisher The Godex T20 works well with the OKI 1050 and allows you to rewind the labels back onto a roll while it’s printing. This stops the labels moving and bunching up when coming out of the printer and means you can leave the printer unattended while it’s printing. It keeps up with the speed of the OKI Pro leaving you a roll of labels ready to finish.

  • Finishing the Labels – Afinia DLF140 – Digital Label Finisher

The Afinia DLF140 is a complete label finishing solution. It takes material a maximum of 140mm wide making it perfect to pair with the OKI. Once the printed roll of material is loaded on this runs through the finisher where it will be laminated and cut to any shape or size you require. Then the waste is removed and the finished roll is created on the output ready to go into production or shipped out. This solution is very flexible and allows you to print and cut and shape label in little time.

See the DLF140 Digital Label Finisher in action below:

Who would use this Package?

The greener labelling bundle is designed to help companies produce durable labels to any shape or size but also allowing them to be greener with their label production. Being green and printing labels doesn’t go hand in hand but we have a range of sustainable, biodegradable or 100% recycled materials that can be printed on the OKI Pro 1050.

Produce stunning labels while remaining as green as you can!

Industries using this package: Chemical / CosmeticsBreweries / drinks / candle / wax melt / food / sweets / CBD / bakery / sandwich / pet food to name a few.

Ultimately we always recommend you talk to the team here to ensure you buy the right label solutions for you and your requirements. We run all of these solutions in house so can offer demonstrations and samples. Talk to our team today and find out if the OKI Pro 1050 & Afinia DLF140 are the right package for you.

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  • Print Speed

    Max 152.4mm/s (6ips)

  • Print Type


  • Print Technology

    LED Electrophotographic

  • Print Resolutions

    1200 x 1200 dpi or 600 x 600 dpi

  • Toners

    CMYK + White

  • Core Size

    3″ (76.2mm)

  • Label Width

    25.4 - 125.76mm

  • Label Length

    12.7 - 1,320.8mm

  • Media/Liner Width

    29.64 - 130mm

  • Black Mark Size

    0.125″ – 0.3″

  • Label Thickness

    0.004″ – 0.01″ (0.1mm – 0.3mm)

  • Cutter

    Powered Cutter - Rotary blade full cut

  • Unwinder


  • Rewinder

    GoDEX T20

  • DIgital Label Finisher

    Afinia DLF140


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