L701 Label Printer, Rewinder & Bottle Applicator Bundle

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Print, Rewind & Apply Labels

This package allows you to inkjet print your die cut labels and then rewind them back onto a roll. You can then load this roll into the A200 label applicator and apply your labels to your bottle, jar or cylindrical product at speed. This package is everything you need to start your own label production.

What’s Included in the Package?

The L701 is a full colour inkjet printer but with a Memjet print engine. This offers great print quality with “edge to edge” printing but at high speed. Either 4 or 8 inches per second depending on print resolution. The L701 is aimed at medium to high label production ofafinia dealer badge around 500+ labels per day depending on label size and ink coverage.

The L701 has a 216mm max material width and can print on combinations of paper and polypropylene. Talk to our team for free samples and it ensure the L701 is right for you. It uses water based ink which can be effected by chemicals, UV and moisture so it isn’t right for everyone.

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Once your labels are printed they need to be rewound back onto a card core ready to go into the applicator. The Godex T30 works well with the L701 and allows you to rewind the labels back onto a roll while it’s printing. This stops the labels moving and bunching up when coming out of the printer and means you can leave the printer unattended while it’s printing. it keeps up with the speed of the L701 while handling the width too.

The Afinia A200 is a semi automatic label applicator designed to make it easy to apply your labels onto a bottle or cylindrical product. Jars, bottles, tins, cans, candles, tubs and the list goes on. As long as your product is evenly round it should apply the label correctly and at speed.

Applicators ensure consistency of label placement with no creases, bubbles or wonky labels. They will increase your throughput too! Your product can have a big effect on these issues too so we always recommend getting your product and labels tested before purchase. Contact our team and we can test this for you.

Who would use this Package?

This is ideal for those producing smaller volumes of labels or just starting to produce their own labels. The applicator can take large volumes of labels but if you were wanting to print high volumes of large or full colour labels there might be better options for the printer. The L502 is a great printer but something like the L701 is much faster and has a lower cost per print. It’s aimed at higher volumes of label production.

Industries using this package: Breweries / drinks / candle / wax melt / food / sweets / CBD / bakery / sandwich / pet food to name a few.

Ultimately we always recommend you talk to the team here to ensure you buy the right label solutions for you and your requirements.

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  • Print Speed

    Approximately 5.2 in/sec (13.2cm/sec) printing a 2.2 in (56 mm)

  • Print Type


  • Print Technology

    HP Thermal Inkjet

  • Print Resolutions

    Up to 2400 x 1200 optimised dpi colour; Black:

  • Inks

    Option of Dye or Pigment — Individual Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

  • Core Size

    3″ (76.2mm)

  • Label Width

    1.5″ – 8.5″ (38.1mm – 215.9mm)

  • Label Length

    0.75″ – 48″ (19mm – 1219.2mm)

  • Inter Label Gap Size

    0.125″ – 0.3″ (3.175mm – 7.62mm)

  • Media/Liner Width

    1.5″ – 8.65″ (38.1mm – 219.7mm)

  • Black Mark Size

    0.125″ – 0.3″

  • Label Thickness

    0.004″ – 0.01″ (0.1mm – 0.3mm)

  • Cutter

    Powered Cutter

  • Optional Unwinder

    8.5″ (152.4mm) max width, 8″ (152.4mm) OD on a 3″ core

  • Rewinder

    Godex T30

  • Applicator

    Afinia A200



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