Afinia L801 Plus Colour Label Printer

Discontinued & replaced by the L901 Plus.



The L801 Plus Label Printer is a more durable version of the standard L801. The L801 printer is a great machine but if you’re looking for a printer that has the speed and quality that the Memjet engine offers but you need more durability in the print then the L801 Plus has been designed for you.

The Afinia L801 Plus still prints at 6 or 12 inches per second and still has full colour print but with the new Watershield Inks the print is less effected by water and UV.

The L801 plus was designed to allow ultra fast label printing at the highest quality with low running costs.

Other key features include an integrated un-winder, easy access doors for fast, simple label and Ink replacement as well as 1.25 litres of Ink capacity to support large runs.

HD Labels recommends this to those needing high quality labels with added durability. Volumes from up to 1000 per week can work out very economical to produce on the L801 Plus.

Types of customers who this is a great solution for include chemical, food & drink, coffee producers, vape & paint producers.

For samples to see the quality and test the improved durability please get in touch with our team.

Don’t forget to add a rewinder when running volumes of labels!

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  • Print Speed

    6 or 12 ips (Inches per second)

  • Print Type


  • Print Technology

    Watershield Memjet

  • Print Resolutions

    1600dpi at 6ips or 1600 x 800dpi at 12ips

  • Inks

    Dye based 5 colour inks

  • Core Size

    3″ (76.2mm)

  • Label Width

    2″ – 8.5″ (50mm – 215.9mm)

  • Label Length

    0.75″ – 20″ (19mm – 508mm)

  • Inter Label Gap Size

    0.125″ – 0.3″ (3.175mm – 7.62mm)

  • Media/Liner Width

    2″ – 8.25″ (50mm – 216mm)

  • Black Mark Size

    0.125″ – 0.3″

  • Label Thickness

    0.004″ – 0.01″ (0.1mm – 0.3mm)

  • Cutter

    Powered Cutter

  • Unwinder

    8.5″ (216mm) max width, 8″ (152.4mm) OD on a 3″ core


  • Quick Guides & Manuals
    Afinia L801 Plus Setup Guide
  • Afinia L801 Plus Manual
  • Drivers & Firmware
    Afinia L801 Plus Driver



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