Afinia Label Matrix Remover, Slitter & Rewinder

£2,750.00 ex VAT

Delivery time: 1 – 2 weeks. (Call to confirm)


If you have a need to print on labels that has the waste left on then the this label rewinder might be for you. You can add this to the back of your Memjet printer and the rewinder will remove the waste, slit and the wind your printed labels.

Why use the Afinia Label Matrix Remover & Slitter?

  • Print multiple labels across on your printer and then slit them into individual rolls ready for application.
  • Leave the waste on your printed rolls allowing you to bleed when printing. Then remove the waste afterwards giving a clean finish.
  • Slits and rewinds at high speed to match your Memjet printer.
  • Add or remove slitting blades depending on how many rolls you need.

This rewinder is perfect to be paired up with the Afinia L901.

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  • Outside diameter


  • Width of stock

    Up to 220mm

  • Core size

    76.2mm (3")

  • Speed

    6IPS (Inches per second)



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