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What is Watershield Ink Technology?

Watershield Ink Technology Explained

In 2018 Afinia started to introduced Watershield inks into it’s Memjet printer range. The L801 printer was the first to be offered with Watershield inks. Afinia call this the L801 PLUS.

A Watershield printed label has significantly more durability and resistance to moisture and UV compared to the standard dye based, Memjet Ink. This makes the L801 Plus great for applications such as cooled drinks, foods, chemicals & pharmaceutical products. Watershield inks also produce a deeper more neutral black.

Labelled products

Watershield Inks are ideal for:

Refrigerated Food

Frozen Products

Cold or Frozen Meats

Chilled Drinks

So which printers run Watershield Inks?

Afinia L801 PLUS

– Up to 12 inches per second

– 1600dpi full colour

– Edge to edge printing

– Ideal for high volume label printing

More on the L801 Plus

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