Black Kraft Paper Pouches


Kraft Pouches and Bags have a more natural feel compared to plastic and can give a more rustic or eco feel to your product. Kraft pouches are lined with moisture resistant materials to create a durable pouch that offers a great shelf life for the product inside.

These black pouches are “biobased” meaning they’re crafted from responsibly sourced and renewable plant matter, the biobased inner lining (derived from sugarcane) sets a new standard. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, this pouch leaves a negative carbon footprint and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing.

Need to print on these pouches yourself?

These pouches work well when printed on by the OKI Pro 9542. The 9542 allows you to print full colour (plus white) directly onto the pouch.

Black Kraft Pouch


110mm x 185mm x 70mm

Black Kraft Pouch


130mm x 225mm x 80mm

Black Kraft Pouch


210mm x 310mm x 100mm

Black Kraft Pouch


160mm x 270mm x 90mm

Black Kraft Pouch


240mm x 330mm x 100mm

Black Kraft Pouch


180mm x 290mm x 90mm