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Afinia X350 Announced – Digital Roll to Roll Press

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HD Labels are excited to see that Afinia have released their first teaser video to the all new Afinia X350.
The Afinia X350 is a digital label / flexible packaging printer or “roll to roll press” as they’ve announced it, for those needing a more industrial print solution. We can’t give you too many details for now but what we can tell you is that the Afinia X350 will come with the following.

What are the X350 highlights?

  • Bulk ink tanks – Lower running costs and longer running times.
  • Fast print speeds – Up to 27m per minute.
  • Wider material support – Up to 350mm wide with a 350mm max roll diameter.
  • Wider print width – Up to 327mm
  • integration of the Memjet Duraflex Technology using durable pigment ink.
  • Integrated PC and RIP software.

What will the Afinia X350 cost?

Pricing is still to be confirmed but it looks like the Afinia X350 will be a big step up from the current flagship printer the Afinia L901 Plus.

Who will the Afinia X350 be aimed at?

This will be a much more industrial solution aimed at someone needing to print full colour in high volumes, with low print costs. This could either be label material or flexible packaging. The X350 will print either continuous or die cut labels.

What technology does the X350 use?

The X350 uses Duraflex print technology from Memjet. Duraflex is the new Memjet engine that offers faster printing at a lower cost with additional nozzle redundancy built in. Find out more about Duraflex.

When will the Afinia X350 be released?

This is the big question and although there is no official date yet it looks to be Q3 2022.

What finisher would you paid the Afinia X350 with?

Depending on the volumes and flexibility you need, a good place to start would be the Afinia DLF350L. The Afinia DLF250L will allow you to cut up to 350mm wide, continuous material to any shape or size label. There is no setup costs or time so it’s as flexible a label finisher as there is on the market.

If you need more speed we can also supply the Taurus laser finisher which allows highspeed cutting to any shape or size.

For more information and to be kept up to date with the latest developments on the Afinia X350, please see the link below or talk to the team at HD Labels

Afinia X350 Digital Label Press


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