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Entry Level, Colour Label Printer Comparison

Entry Level Colour Label Printers under £1200 + VAT

HD Labels compares 3 printers that we class as entry level. By “entry level” we mean for those needing to produce fewer than 500 labels per week. If you require more than 500 labels p/w then speed and ink costs start to become an issue. You might want to consider a mid range label printer.

Below is a brief comparison of the three solutions we offer in this category.

Label Printer Comparison
Label Printer Comparison Chart


If high print quality is not a major concern. The Epson C3500 is good, easy to use and robust printer. One thing to note though is the smaller maximum label width compared to the Afinia L-301 and Primera LX-500e.

The Afinia L-301 is a good option for both high quality print and reasonable ink costs. Until the end of June 2018 we will be offering this for £1165 + VAT.

It’s very important to test print samples and materials on your product before ordering a printer. Ink based printers may not be ideal for all applications.

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