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Epson ColorWorks Warranty Offer

Epson Colorworks Warranty Offer

HD Labels are pleased to offer 3 years onsite support for FREE on some of the Epson Colorworks label printer range. This will run for a limited time so make sure you don’t miss out as it’s a potential saving of over £500!

What Epson label printers are included in offer?

What’s included in the additional warranty?

  • All non consumable parts and labour.
  • Phone & email support from HD Labels with escalation to Epson if needed.
  • If the error can’t be resolved over the phone an Epson Engineer will be dispatched.
  • If the Engineer is unable to repair the machine onsite it will be replaced.

Why is warranty so important?

The Epson ColorWorks equipment is amazing and they produce some of the most reliable equipment on the market but they are printers that will be used heavily and relied on to work all of the time. Things to wear / fail as they do on every machine ever made so it’s important to limit any downtime and cost.

Having onsite support means you not only get an engineer come to you but they will also just take care of the problem. Most customers who own Epson label printers are small businesses or busy production areas. Down time and spending ages trying to repair or ship machines around is not always possible. Having this peace of mind for the next 3 years (or even 5 years if you upgrade) means that you know your printer costs for the life of the machine.

Why buy from HD Labels?Epson Gold Partner

We not only supply the machinery but we also run the printers in-house exactly as you would. We aren’t a box shifter and we’re able to produce samples, demonstrations or you can come and use the machines in our production area prior to purchase. Once you have your machine and perhaps you had an issue with a specific design. You can send us that and we can recreate / diagnose any issues quickly.

We also have our own support team who are easily contactable with no voicemail. Someone will always answer the phone, even if they’re only able to take a message. The support team will then call straight back as soon as they’re free but at least you get a human who will help you.

If we need to escalate to Epson we can help with that as there are processed to follow with a large company but HD Labels are able to smooth this out and guide you to speed up the whole process. Often Epson aren’t needed so we can get you back up and running instantly.

Reasons to use HD Labels

  • We use the machinery in-house and aren’t just a box shifter.
  • Have our own support team who are easily accessed.
  • We run and internal print service you can use as backup / overspill of your own label production.
  • HD Labels are an Epson Gold Partner.
  • We also manufacture blanks to any shape or size in low or high volumes. You aren’t tied to buying thousands of labels. Stock what you need!
  • We stock all consumables so open an account and get supplies shipped instantly.

So what’s stopping you? 

If you are in need of a label printer but perhaps you’re unsure which one is right for you, how much it will cost you to run and will the labels look as needed. Don’t panic! These questions are the reason we exist and we will help guide you to the right solution for you. Let us prove the concept and see if it’s viable for your business.

Remember this offer is for a limited time only so fill in the form below and send us some of your artwork for samples etc or give the team a call and we can guide you.

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