DTM Print AP360e Single Label Applicator

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DTM Print AP360e Single Label Applicators are the perfect semi-automatic labelling solution for cylindrical containers as well as many tapered containers, including bottles, cans, jars and tubes.

Set-up and operation is fast and easy. Just:

  • Set the guides
  • Place your container in the machine
  • Press the foot switch and your label is applied

The built-in spring-loaded pressure arm makes sure labels are applied firmly and without wrinkles.
With an AP-Series Label Applicator you’ll apply labels faster and more accurately – helping to speed up your production and sell more of your products!

Apply Labels Fast and Accurately
With an AP-Series Label Applicator you’ll be able to apply labels at speeds of up to 1200 per hour. Labels are perfectly applied without wrinkles, giving your finished products a professional look.

AP-Series Label Applicators are an ideal accessory to any label printer. The applicators can also apply roll-fed, pressure-sensitive labels produced by most other flexographic, offset and digital presses.

AP360e is the base model. It quickly and efficiently applies single labels at a time.
AP362e is an advanced model. It can apply one or two different labels to a single container. A built-in LED counter and memory for up to nine front-to-back label offsets is also included.


  • Quick set-up and easy operation
  • Accurately applies labels to the front (AP360e) or front and back (AP362e) with variable spacing
  • Fast – labels are applied at 5.3” (135mm) per second – up to 1200 containers per hour
  • Compact size – fits on most desks and countertops
  • Professionally designed – one of the only semi-automatic label applicators available with UL, CSA and FCC safety and emissions certifications
  • Industrial strength – built with heavy-duty sheet metal and steel for long life
  • Optional – 3 Year “swap out” warranty

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  • Container Shape

    Cylindrical and many tapered

  • Container Width

    25.4mm to 238mm (1" to 9.4")

  • Container Diameter

    15mm to 170mm (0.6" to 6.7")

  • Label Width

    25.4mm to 213mm (1" to 8.375")

  • Gaps between labels

    3.175mm - 6.350mm

  • Label Roll Diameter

    Up to 203mm (8" )

  • Liner thickness

    2 mil - 10 mil (smoothness will affect feeding - a liner that is too slippery or too thin will slip through the drive rollers)

  • Label Roll Core

    51.8mm to 76.2mm (2" to 3" I.D.)

  • Supported Label Types

    Die cut with waste removed. Clear labels can be used

  • Speed

    135 mm/s or up to 1200 containers per hour

  • Operation

    Manual loading and foot switch

  • Electrical Supply

    100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 watts

  • Dimensions

    53cm long x 43cm wide x 20cm high

  • Weight

    7.26 kg (16 lbs.)

  • Warranty

    36 months (after product registration for devices, purchased in EU/EFTA countries and UK)

  • Number of labels applied in a pass



  • Quick Guides & Manuals
    DTM AP360e Manual



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