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Reel to Reel Winder Options

Automatic Label Counters & Reel to Reel Rewinders

Automatic Label Counter Series allows to count the labels on a roll, to rewind and unwind the labels on one machine, to rewind the labels onto different core sizes, to rewind small rolls of labels from a larger one and also to rewind small rolls with a preset number of labels from a larger roll.

This last feature is possible thanks to the setting of the preset labels’ number through the electronic counter. Once the preset number of labels will be reached, the label counter will stop by uttering an acoustic signal.

In this units are possible to adjust the speed of rotation on the rewinder only while the unwinder has an automatic self adjustment speed.

Automatic Label Counter Series can handle labels up to 150mm wide and it can rewind and unwind rolls of labels with diameter up to 300mm (11.81”). It has a speed of 120 rpm and it is possible to choose between two different types of core holder: the adjustable core holder from 40mm (1.57”) up to 118mm (4.64”) or the core holder of 3” (76mm).

Unit is available in different versions and every model is marked by its own code. Through the table, it is possible to select the version better fitting your needs.

Key advantages of a Reel to Reel Label Rewinder:

  • Supply the correct amount of labels per roll using the counter
  • Ensure there are no blank labels with missing label detection
  • Change core size of labels
  • Change leading edge of labels to work with applicator

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