Label Print Service

Clear / Transparent Labels

Providing professionally printed clear labels, cut to any shape or size.

Clear labels offer a great look to certain products. Maybe your packaging already has a great finish or pattern that you wish to show off or the packaging itself is clear and you want to show the contents. Clear labels allow you to merge the label and packaging to give a different look to a standard label.

We can print white onto clear!

We have the ability to print white onto clear labels which adds a whole new dimension to your print. So why is being able to print white important?

  • Lay a white base below your colour to make your colour pop. Flat colours on clear labels can look faint or washed out. Adding a white base gives you a solid colour while still using a clear base. Also when printing barcodes and ingredients that need to be clear the white base ensures clarity for scanning etc.
  • Print a combination of white and colour (shown in the image left) to add a different finish. Printing white allows your designer to be even more creative.

What are clear labels made from?

Clear labels are plastic and made from polypropylene. The advantages of this is that they are very clear and very durable. Polypropylene labels (PP) are used when people need quality & durability with their labels. You can print full colour + white.

Who uses clear labels?

Clear labels look great on products where you want to show of the contents. Here are a few examples of where we see clear labels used.

Why choose HD Labels?

  • Talk to one of our team about your needs & we can guide you through the whole process.
  • FREE Samples – Just send us your artwork and we’ll send you a print of your design.
  • A range of materials & print technologies to suit your needs.
  • Short run & quick turnaround options
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