Black Stand Up Pouches with Window


Stand-up pouches are an incredibly versatile packaging option for a wide range of products. They are easy to fill, transport, and store.

Crafted from durable, food-grade materials, these pouches ensure the safety and security of their contents, thanks to their excellent barrier properties against oxygen, aroma, and moisture. After filling and heat sealing, the pouch can be easily opened by the consumer using the two tear notches. The robust resealable zip closure allows for convenient re-closure and re-opening.

This is just one of the many pouches we offer in various sizes, colours, and materials to suit your needs. The size listed in grams is based on coffee beans, but our pouches are suitable for many other products. Since different goods may have different fill volumes, please consult our size chart and take advantage of our free sample service.

Black window pouch


120 x 200 x 70mm

Black window pouch


130mm x 210mm with 80mm

Black window pouch


200mm x 310mm with 110mm

Black window pouch


160mm x 230mm with 90mm

Black window pouch


235mm x 335mm with 120mm

Black window pouch


190mm x 260mm with 100mm