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In-Store Label Personalisation & Bespoke Labels

What is In-store Personalisation?

Retailers are always looking for new ways to add value to their products and making each product unique to each customer is something that’s really taking off. Brands like Coke, Quality Street, Nutella & Vegemite to name a few have already offered brand personalisation. Often the customer is only replacing part of the label design like adding a name or phrase, but this is proving very popular. It helps optimize the instore experience and customers will be happy to pay for the privilege of having their own branding on a product.

Case Studies from Afinia – Nutella & Vegemite

 Afinia supplied Kmart Stores in Australia 215 of the L301 label printer to use in-store for label customisation of two brands, Nutella & Vegemite.

The customer would pick the jars from a display in store and take the jar to the nearby service desk where the custom labels would be digitally printed and applied.

Throughout the campaign over 300,000 custom printed jars were sold across 200 stores.

Quality Street Chocolates – Nestlé®

At the Magical Lantern Festival in Leeds, customers were given the option to personalise the label on a tub of Quality Street onsite at the event. This ran throughout December and labels were printed as the customer placed their order and applied there and then.

The customer could add a name to the label making the tub unique to them or a great idea for a personalised gift.

How does the personalisation process work?


Customer selects product

Product is chosen from display, shelf or online catalogue


Product presented for personalisation

Customer uses simple software interface to add their unique content


Custom label is created & applied

Staff member prints & applies the label to finish personalising the packaging



Customer leaves with their personalised product.

So why personalise your labels?

Printing a personalised label or producing custom packaging give retail a chance to maximise product interest and improve the in-store buying experience.

  • Increase perceived value of the product
  • Longer retention of the product and packaging
  • Over half of consumers see customer packaged products as more valuable
  • Enhance the customer brand & shopping experience
  • Increase foot traffic in physical retail situations
  • Create a positive & memorable association with a brand & product
  • Increase revenue by adding value to your product. Brands that integrate digital personalisation for customers are seeing revenue increase by 6 – 10% which is two to three times faster than brands that don’t
  • Increased social media visibility

What printers were used?

Afinia L301 Label Printer

The L301 is perfect for those needing high quality labels in small quantities.

Using HP Thermal Inkjet Technology, the L301 will print full edge to edge labels at 4800 dpi. It has two cartridges (CMY + K) and can print directly onto both paper and PP (polypropylene) materials. This means you have many options when looking for a label finish to suit your product.

Simply connect the printer to your PC via USB and you’re able to print directly from any graphics package or custom frontend software.

The Afinia L301 is ideal for when low machine cost & space to store it are primary considerations.

Check out the Afinia L301

Afinia L501 Label Printer

The L501 is aimed at those needing high quality labels in low to mid volumes. This time the L501 is the first printer with Duo Ink Technology from HP. This is designed to handle both pigment & die based inks. Having the ability to use pigment inks means the labels will be more durable than the L301 and can be used in a harsher environment. Once printed the labels will be waterproof so depending on your product this might be the printer for you.

It prints up to 8.5 inches or 216mm wide and the cost per print is reduced when compared to the L301 due to its larger, separate CMYK ink cartridges.

The Afinia L501 is suited for those needing larger or higher volume labels where ink cost & durability are key.

Check out the Afinia L501

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