1kg Brown Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Zip – 500 Per Pack

£191.15 ex VAT


Stand-up pouches offer incredible versatility for packaging a diverse array of products, making them exceptionally easy to fill, transport, and store.

Crafted from resilient, food-grade materials, this pouch guarantees the safety and security of its contents, thanks to our exceptional barrier levels against oxygen, aroma, and moisture. Following filling and heat sealing for transportation, consumers can effortlessly open the pouch using the two tear notches. The robust resealable zip closure allows for convenient re-closure and reopening according to your preferences.

Among our extensive pouch selection, available in various sizes, colours, and materials, this pouch, quantified in grams for coffee beans, is merely one option. It’s essential to note that our pouches cater to a wide range of goods beyond coffee. Your specific product may have a different fill volume, so consult our size chart and take advantage of our complimentary sample service.

Each pack contains 500 pouches.

Need to print pouches yourself in-house?

We have a range of pouch printing options allowing you to print full colour images and text directly onto the pouch. The OKI Pro 9542 even allows you to print full colour plus white!

Need to apply labels to pouches?

If you have labels or a label printer and would like to apply labels to your pouches in a consistent way, then perhaps our pouch label applicator would suit you.

Get in touch below and tell us your requirements and we’ll be happy to help or answer any questions.



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  • Quantitiy Per Pack

    500 Pouches

  • Size

    235mm x 335mm with 120mm gusset

  • Colour


  • Style

    Stand Up Pouch

  • Zipper


  • Tear Notch


  • Window


  • Volume


  • Face Material


  • Finish


  • Coffee Valve



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