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2018 Review & a look forward to 2019

2018 was a big year for HD Labels. We’ve come a long way since last Christmas so we thought we’d take a few minutes to look back before we look forward to 2019.

So what have we achieved in 2018?

> A new Home – We acquired 22 Glenmore Business Park as we’d long out grown our old building. This building is 4 times what we had allowing us to increase our production facility & stores. Our office / workshop space for new team members and an all new demonstration room where customers can come and play with the machines we offer. We can produce samples, videos and offer repairs onsite and range of products we hold on the shelf has grown too. We can deliver most printer consumables that aren’t customer made next day.

> New Branding – Moving building was a great opportunity to freshen up our branding and this started with a new logo.

This then lead to a new show scheme, signage etc. This list felt endless!

> Exhibitions – We then exhibited at the Packaging Innovations Expo 2018 in the “Label & Print” section at the NEC.

It was a great show but it snowed lots. Lots & lots!!!!!

Throughout the year we exhibited at a few shows including the South West Business Expo & the Food & Drink Business Europe Expo.

2019 will see us on the road again so watch this space.


> New members of the Team – We gained a new Engineer (Grzes) and Ollie who runs Production. We’re also on the look out for another Engineer to join us ASAP so hopefully we’ll be starting 2019 bigger and stronger than ever.


> New Website – As the rest of our company was all re-branded the last thing to do was our website. It was outdated and didn’t represent us fairly so we employed Fhoke to design us a custom site from scratch. We didn’t use a template and just fill it, we created something with all of the little features we wanted and that customers had requested. We have a full shop now including comparison charts that you can populate and up to date information on the latest label tech. In case you didn’t know, you’re already looking at it but feel free to go to the home page and have a proper look through. hdlabels.co.uk



> Numerous new label solutions – There are too many to mention but here are some links to some of the new solutions we launched in 2018. 

Afinia Solutions – L501, L701, L901, DLF & DLP2100

HD Labels – Rewinders

Primera Solutions – LX1000 & LX910



So what is 2019 going to bring us? 

Well to start with we would like another Engineer. With more and more printer installations, services & repairs we need to grow this part of the team. We have some great products in development that we can’t share just yet but you’ll know about them soon enough. These range from special applicators, label printers & box, card printers.

We have numerous shows scheduled and we hope to continue our standing as one of the leading Afinia Distributors globally. With the additions to our team, new site and our ever growing presence in the label industry we can only see 2019 being a strong year for the label. It will be a tough, challenging year with many global challenges that will unfold in the coming months but you can rest assured that we’ll be there to support you and your label production.

Thanks again for your business in 2018 and we wish you a happy 2019!


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