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Afinia announce launch of L502 Label Printer at LabelExpo

At LabelExpo 2019 in Brussels Afinia had quite a few announcements to make. Packaging printers, LED printers, UV coaters and all sorts. One thing that went a little under the radar was the second edition of the much loved Afinia L501. The new Afinia L502!!

The Afinia L502 is pretty much the L501 but with a beefed up more durable metal case and chassis. The L501 was made with a metal base but a moulded plastic case. As it’s ended up being used in production environments Afinia have decided to improve the physical durability of the printer and given it a full metal jacket as well as more durable media handling.

We love the Afinia L501 as it is so this can only be a good thing going forward and we look forward to getting our first printer here towards the end of the year (so we’re told). For now anyone who purchases the L501 (which is still for sale) will not be disappointed.

Key Features of the Afinia L502
  • New metal casing and rugged metal chassis
  • Pigment & Dye Ink options still depending on how you use the printer
  • HP Print Technology
  • Durable print using pigment inks and when paired with the correct material BS5609 certification can be achieved.

For more information on the Afinia L502 Label Printer please contact the team using the button below.

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