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Afinia L901 Plus now available with Watershield Inks

L901 Plus Memjet Printer

So you may or may not already know about the Afinia L901. It’s by far and away the leading Memjet label printer on the market today. Using the newer Sirius print engine the Afinia L901 is aimed at those needing high quality, edge to edge labels at high speed with low running costs. Perfect right?

Well one of the issues with Memjet printing is that it’s not ideal for every label situation. The ink isn’t 100% water, chemical & UV resistant so for chemical labels and labels stored in damp / harsh environments the L901 might not be right.

However, we are now introducing the new WATERSHIELD INKS as an option on new Afinia L901 printers. We are calling the new printer the Afinia L901 PLUS!!


Watershield inks offer far greater resistance to moisture, chemical and UV giving you a much more durable label. They still aren’t 100% but the difference is dramatic and much more noticeable.

As a test we printed some labels and then submerged them in a bowl of washing up liquid & water. We left these for the afternoon and then gave them a scrub with the brillo pad and there was hardly any effect. This was impressive!

We still offer the standard die inks and the new Watershield inks on the L901 so you can choose which system would be right for you. I know what you’re thinking.

Why would I want the normal dye inks above the Watershield inks?

Well the dye inks do offer a little more vibrancy in print so there is still a place for them. Most people don’t need chemical resistant labels and would rather have the highest quality print they can. What we suggest is you get samples of your print in both forms and you can test and decide for yourself. You know what you’re looking to achieve with your labels better than anyone else.

Here are the two Afinia L901 Label Printers with the two Ink options.
Afinia L901 with standard Inks Afinia L901 with Watershield Inks
What if you already own a L901 running standard inks and wish to swap over?

The good news is you can swap inks but they aren’t interchangeable. You either upgrade to the Watershield Inks or you don’t. There is no going back. Your machine would need to come back to us to be drained, have a new controller fitted along with a new print head and Inks. Get in touch for pricing on this.

As I said above. I would always recommend getting samples on any printer you’re thinking of buying and test them thoroughly. Talk to our team and we will guide you to ensure everything is checked and you get the printer that’s right for you.

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