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Afinia Launch Flexible Packaging Printer

Afinia printing products have been great in helping companies produce their labels “on-demand”. Now Afinia are moving into the world of flexible packaging printing so producers will have the added benefits printing only what you need, when you need it.

At Label Expo in Brussels, Afinia showed the first of their packaging solutions for the first time. Taking blank rolls of coated material the Afinia is using Memjet technology to print your artwork, instantly in the exact quantity you need.

“Go from design to print to pack in minutes”

Memjet Technology allows you to print full colour, edge to edge at high speeds and with a low cost per print. Design your artwork and print from any Windows based program directly onto your packaging and the material will be instantly dry. You can add a laminate for added durability in the print if needed. As soon as this is printed it will be rewound onto a roll ready to go through your bagging solution.

So what packaging materials can you print on?

Sihl have developed a range of ARTYSIO films designed to be digitally inkjet printed. They see that short-run flexible packaging has many benefits and many other manufacturers will follow.

Why digitally print your flexible packaging in-house?
  • Ideal for small quanitites
  • Great for variable data or multiple print designs
  • Product personalisation & custom packaging. E.G. events, seasonal
  • No waiting times on packaging. Print on-demand and go straight into production
  • Quick setup – Print direct from PDF or any Windows based software.
  • No storage or large stock of pre-printed packaging. Print only what you need.
  • Lower capital commitment compared to traditional printed packaging.
Types of Applications
  • FFS = Form Fill Seal = Tubing bag = V(vertical) FFS & H (horizontal) FFS
  • LID = Lidd
  • SUP = Stand up pouch = stand-up pouch
  • BBB = Black bottom bag = Glued & sealed block bottom pouch
  • SFB = Side folded bag = Sidefold pouch
  • FFB = Flat folded bag = flat bottom bag

Sihl’s unique & brand new packaging films enable a wide range of packaging application that are printable with aqueous inkjet & heat then ultrasonically sealable.


ARTYSIO films have been certified recyclable by independant testing. This confirms the excellent recyclability of the two polypropylene single-material packages. In the test, both products scored 20 out of 20 possible points. Applicability to the registration system, sort-ability of the packaging, suitability for mechanical recycling, and the provision of secondary products to the registration system were examined.

For more information, samples or a demonstration please contact our team below. We will also be showing the “all new” Afinia Packaging Printer at White Label Expo on the 27th & 28th November. Come and see it in action!

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