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Afinia Launch their first Bottle Label Applicator. Introducing the Afinia A200

For years we’ve sold many label applicators and they’ve always been a great addition to a label printer when someone is starting label production process. Well we have a new system on the block in the form of the Afinia A200. I know Afinia have been looking at and developing their applicator for a long time with a few different prototype models being shown at various trade shows in the past few years.

Finally in 2020 Afinia have committed to a design and manufactured their own system that includes some great features. So let’s have a look in more detail at what the Afinia A200 Bottle Label Applicator has to offer.

What is the Afinia A200?

The A200 is a semi automatic label applicator designed to apply labels to bottles & cylindrical products at the push of a button. Super fast and simple to use. The A200 should give you a consistent and smoothly applied label each time. If you have ever labelled bottles by hand you will know that it’s hard to get them straight and applied without bubble or creases. The Afinia A200 is designed to solve

Key Features of the Afinia A200:

  • Both single & double label application as standard. Switch between 1 or 2 label application.
  • Store up to 29 pre set label configurations in the A200 memory
  • Ultrasonic gap sensor – Super reliable gap detection
  • Single button or foot peddle action.
  • LCD Screen for full programming of machine, feed back & label count.
  • 6″ (150mm) Max Width

Our First Impressions:

Out of the box the A200 is very easy to setup and comes with a 5 page walkthrough guide that’s super simple to follow. The material path is very clear and always (if any) the step users tend to struggle with when setting the machine up.

Afinia A200 Sensor
A200 Ultrasonic Sensor for Gap Detection

You can train / teach the sensor to work with your labels. There is a guide to train the A200 to recognise the difference between the gap and label. You can then create a job for the bottle / cylinder size and input the settings that work with this bottle. These can then be saved should you be switching between different size bottles. You can then call up a specific size quickly without having to set the bottle up each time.

To setup your bottles Afinia have a great calculator tool that is online and can be used on your PC / MAC or mobile device. There is a QR code that takes you right to the utility or this link below works. All details are in the guide.

Afinia A200 Label Size Calculator

Build Quality:

The Afinia A200 is a very solid, all metal system built with a solid frame. Afinia have clearly looked at the other systems available on the market and just taken things to the next step. It was packaged well and it’s a solid system designed to apply many labels to many products by the looks of things.


What Bottles, Jars & Products Work on the Afinia A200?

This is always the most important question. There are so many shapes and sizes that it’s difficult to be exact as to what will and won’t work on the machine. Really a cylindrical product with no tapers etc should be fine but at HD Labels we like to be sure. We run the Afinia A200 in-house so we offer to test any customers labels and bottles before they purchase. This is done free of charge and we can send a video showing how your labels will be applied. This is great for peace of mind that the system is right for you and we recommend you take the time to test your products or worst case send us some images of your products.

if you would like more information, to see the Afinia A200 in action or would like your bottles, jars etc tested, then please talk to the team and we’ll be happy to help.

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