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Afinia release their first “Authorized Dealer” badge!

After many years of being one of Afinia’s leading dealers globally we finally have a badge to show for it.

So what does a badge mean and what do you need to qualify as a Afinia Dealer? 

To get this Authorized Afinia Dealer Badge we needed to have met the following criteria:

  • Have a fully trained & approved Tech Sales & Support Team
  • Run & use the Afinia products and be able to offer demonstrations
  • Offer support agreements and long term care for the products
  • Supply & stock Afinia consumables including inks, print heads & materials

If you need help with any Afinia Label products then make sure you keep a look out for this badge. It means we’re qualified to guide you. We aren’t just a box shifter with some images on a website. We use the Afinia range in house in our own label print service so can show you the machinery running on real jobs and not just a made up demo. We can run your labels and provide samples of your labels at no cost to you.

Talk to the HD Labels team today and find out why the Afinia Label Range might be right for you.

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