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DTM Print launch AP380e Label Applicator

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DTM Print have launched the AP380e label applicator which now includes an inbuilt waste rewinder for the label liner. The AP362e is an awesome applicator and the AP380e is just an upgrade on this to improve the already great solution.

So what’s new?

DTM Print AP380e
DTM Print AP380e
  • Inbuilt label waste rewinder
  • New “single operation” push button in addition to the foot pedal
  • 30% faster operation. Up to 1500 labels per hour!


Why are the updates on the AP380e so important?

New Rewinder – The AP380e is the only applicator in the DTM Print range that rewinds the waste liner back onto a roll. This keeps production tidy and makes operation a lot smoother.

Simple applicator – The foot pedal works well but if you now have the ability to operate the applicator via a button on the applicator.

Increased speed – A 30% increase in throughput is not to be ignored. If you are applying labels on mass then an increase in speed will be welcomed.


Where can you buy the DTM print AP380e?

Right here!! HD Labels stock the full DTM Print label applicator range and the new AP380e is available on the link below.

Buy the DTM Print AP380e Label Applicator – Buy Online


How do you get your bottles or jars tested with the AP380e applicator?

We can look after that for you. There is no charge for this and we can take your labels and bottles. We’ll run them through the applicator and can send you a video of them either working or not working so you can buy in confidence.

For more information or to get your products tested on the AP380e, please fill in the form below or talk to the team on 01264 335118

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