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Epson Announce New C6000 & C6500 ColorWorks Label Printers

At LabelExpo 2019 Epson announced they were increasing their label printer range by adding a further two models to sit inbetween the C3500 & C7500.

There is the Epson C6000 Series. This comes as a 4 inch wide inkjet printer that is available with either a peeler module (C6000P). This allows the printer to rewind the backing material as the labels are printed. This leaves the label presented at the front of the printer ready for application. As soon as that label is taken the next label is printed. Great if the printer is sat on a production line.

There is also the C6000A which comes with an auto-cutter module installed in the front. This doesn’t cut the shape of your labels out but will just cut the material when you finish printing instead of having to tear on a serated edge.

The other model is the Epson C6500 and this is effectively the same printer but with a wider 8 inch print width. Again there is a C6500P (Auto-peeler) & C6500A (Auto-Cutter) versions.

Both printers are inkjet label printers using Epsons PrecisionCore print technology. They run four independant ink tanks using pigment ink so offer great durability of print. When paired with the correct material the labels produced even conform to BS 5609 certification.


Key Features of the Epson C6000 & C6500 Series Printers

  • Enhanced Productivity – Print speeds of up to 5IPS (Inches per second)
  • High Quality Print – Up to 1200dpi resolution
  • Reliable – Epson’s high quality build & design
  • Durable Labels – Using the pigment ink & the correct material you can achieve BS 5609 certified labels.
  • Auto Cutter Option – C6000A comes standard with auto cutter
  • Peel & Present Option – C6000P comes with the ability to separate the backing material from your label for fast application as you’re printing.

Who is the C6000 & C6500 aimed at?

These printers are great for chemical, GHS, BS 5609, cosmetic and product labels. Anyone needing better durability in print as well as full colour. These are not printers to queue up thousands of labels on as we wouldn’t say they where a high end, 24/7 printer but for small to medium sized runs these should do the job.

With any label printer we recommend you talk to our team and tell us what you’re trying to achieve with your labels. We would be able to guide you to the right printer for the job as well as providing samples, costs per print and proving the whole concept is viable befrore you proceed. This way we can ensure you won’t be disapointed with your label printer.

Check the printers out online!

Epson C6000 ColorWorks Label Printer – Find out more

Epson C6500 ColorWorks Label Printer – Find out more

For more information on the Epson ColorWorks Label Range including the C6000 & C6500 please get in touch today.

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