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Get Ready for Natasha’s Law – Producing Simple Black Only Labels

Ingredients Labels
  • Do you need a simple, low costs label to make sure you conform to Natasha’s Law? 
  • Do you only need single colour?
  • Does your label need to be durable?
  • Does your label only need to last a few days?
  • Do you have a small budget?
  • Do you have limited space to store a label printer?

These are some of the thoughts and questions we’re getting asked by people needing to print labels to ensure they’re ready for Natasha’s Law. If you’re new to printing labels but having to now add something more substantial than a hand written label then this might help you.

Not everyone needs a full colour, very detailed, expensive label. Perhaps you just need to be informative and low cost. Examples of labels like this are simple ingredients labels or single colour text labels.

The good news is we have a range of printers that will not only ensure that you conform to Natasha’s Law but also don’t break the bank!

Our range of thermal printers are perfect for the above and start from just over £200 and include software.

Thermal Label Printer Range
Why buy a thermal label printer?
  • Low cost to buy initially & to run.
  • Software included that will allow you to create allergen & ingredient labels to the required standard.
  • Small footprint so don’t take up much room on your desk.
  • Simple to use.
  • Print using either direct thermal or thermal transfer. This means you can either produce labels that only need to last a few days / weeks. (E.G. Sandwich Labels) or use thermal transfer and create durable labels that can last for years.
Who uses thermal label printers?
DT4X – Direct Thermal Printer

You may think you’ve never heard of a thermal label printer but you see thermal labels every day. All shipments you receive via couriers with printed shipping or address labels will most likely be thermal labels. Counters in Supermarkets use thermal labels on scales or fresh food counters. Farm shops, cafes, schools and people producing one off or short run labels with best before dates and varied data.

When does Natasha’s Law Come In?

From October 2021 deli’s, cafes and places where food is produced at the same premises and then sold (most likely on the same day) will need have all ingredients and allergens listed on the label. This can be schools, sandwich shops, farm shops and so on.

What is none of the above makes any sense?

The good news is you aren’t alone and that’s why we’re here. We understand that a lot of people are producing labels because they have to and not because of their passion for labels so talk to our team and let us help you find the right solution for you. We can provide samples, cost comparisons but also ask you the questions to narrow down your label printer. Whether it’s a simple thermal label or something jazzy with colour etc, we will have a solution for you.

Please check out the link below to some of our thermal label printers or talk to the team.

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