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HD Labels Chooses Lemorau

It was a few years ago we first bumped into Lemorau at Label Expo (I think) and it was pretty much love at first site. At the time we were mainly running plotter finishers in our production and this was an expensive dream but as our business grew so did our ambition. It’s been on the radar since then and when the world went into lockdown back in March we took the time to review what we could do to improve our offering and each route came back to Lemorau.

We saw the uncertainty in the world as a great opportunity to take some time to put plans in place to improve the speed, quality and overall offering from our production.

I contacted Lemorau at the end of April and after a lot of conversation on spec, requirements, ability and which machine would be right for us. We finally narrowed it down to the MEBR+. There were a few other manufacturers we spoke to but none seemed to connect with us like Lemorau did.

Our first challenge – A demonstration!

We were in the height of lock down in the UK and going to buy loo roll was a challenge enough so getting to Portugal for a demo was out of the question. I’ve always said that you should get a good demo and see a machine in action before purchase but this wasn’t an option. We wanted to move quickly and we knew there was a build time on the machine so in order to get this all completed during the summer of 2020 we had a combination of video calls and demonstrations to put our mind at rest.

So what did we end up going for? 

The Lemorau MEBR+ with quite a few added extras to customise it more to how our production worked.

This is the MEBR+ being packed ready to ship to HD Labels

This is a 200 meter per minute, full rotary & semi rotary die finisher. This cuts up to 330mm wide material in lengths of up to 2000m. We have lamination, reregister for pre-printed labels and multiple rewinders. This allows us to continue producing more of our great die cut blank labels, while improving our turnaround times.

This installation

So again due to the joys of the COVID Pandemic this proved to be a slight challenge but between Lemorau and HD Labels it went as smoothly as it could have considering the state of the world at the time. Late one evening in July a very large lorry turned up with some huge crates. Again to the restrictions we weren’t able to get any help onsite from the team at Lemorau but luckily for us this isn’t the first label finisher we’d commissioned ourselves.

First stage was to decide where to put it and get the area clear & decorated.

Then the Lorry rocked up around 10pm due to travel delays and it was a late one getting everything in and out of the crate ready for the morning.


Once the system was unboxed and in place is was a case of levelling and away we went.








What does the Lemorau MEBR+ add to our production?

  • Our turnaround times for blank labels should improve including some options for a “super fast” turnaround.
  • Our flexibility should also improve. Having another machine just adds to what we already have.
  • Options to add laminate to larger volume digital print
  • Another improvement in our already great service for our customers!

We at HD Labels would like to thank the team at Lemorau and since purchasing this we’ve already gone on to buy two more pieces of equipment from Lemorau. These I’ll write up another time.

If you have any enquiries for die cut blank labels or finished printed / cut labels them please get in touch and talk to the team. We have fast turnaround options on various material types.

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