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New unboxing & setup video on the DTM Print LX610e

DTM LX610e

What’s in the LX610e box and how do you put the print together? 

We go through unboxing your DTM Print LX610e. We look at what comes in the box such as warranty registration. This is very important as it extends your warranty from 1 to 3 years!!! Do not forget this!!!!

You will see you PTCreate Pro Activation code on the side of the outer box so be careful not to bin this. 

There is a little assembly required when putting the DTM LX610e together so we guide you through this “step by step” and then take you through the software and driver installation.

On the whole the LX610e is very simple to setup and took around 10 minutes. DTM Print have put a simple 6 step guide in the box with images to show exactly how the machine clicks together. 

Check out the DTM Print LX610e unboxing video below and see for yourself.

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DTM LX610e


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